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wealthquestlogoWealthQuest for Teens is an innovative online program designed to teach teens (ages 14-19) financial responsibility.  The complete package includes an online video seminar with workbook for your teenager, a Quick Start Guide e-book for your teenager, and a free Parent’s Guide.  Jill Suskind, a high school teacher in the greater Boston area,  has created WealthQuest for Teens out of her personal financial story and out of a great desire to meet the needs of her students.  “As a teacher, her passion is teaching the principles of success. While all of the lessons offered through WealthQuest for Teens online products are about money and wealth building, they are really about wealth in all areas of life.”

ProgramRetailing for $39.95, WealthQuest for Teens is a great value whether you have one teenager or multiple teenagers.  Because the workbook type products included are all downloadable products, you are able to print as many copies as you would need to use with your teens. Kids will enjoy the videos and the practical lessons they encounter as they go through this program.  **The workbook accompanying the videos is printable at the end of each video.** They learn how to give, save, and spend wisely – all skills that are necessary for them to be successful adults.

The first portion of the 6-week program is the video portion.  Seven video modules cover topics such as: “The First Thing You Need in Order to Become Rich:  Income,” “The Second Thing You Need in Order to Become Rich:  Knowledge About Money,” “The Third Thing You Need in Order to Become Rich:  A Great Money Management System,”  “The Fourth Thing You Need in Order to Become Rich:  A Really Good Reason,” “Your Habits and Attitudes Determine Your Net Worth,” and “A Look at Financial Freedom.” BasicSeminarQuickStartGuide

In weeks 2 and 3, teens will complete their Quick Start E-Book.  In Week 4, kids get some practical money management experience by setting up practice accounts through ‘Money Trail.’   Week 5 continues lessons on money by assigning kids to read a book of their choosing about money and money management.  Week 6 culminates the studies by encouraging students to put their new found system into practice.

What do you need to complete the program?

1. A computer with internet access and a printer

2. Regular office supplies like pens, pencils, calculator, binder, paper

3. Play money (think Monopoly money)

4. A book about money

5.  An open mind and a willingness to learn!

Many of our Schoolhouse Review Crewmates have been using WealthQuest for Teens over the past few weeks.  To read about their experiences with WealthQuest for Teens, click on the linky below.

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A big thank you to Sarah Dugger of Ahoy Maties! for writing this introductory post.

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