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We all know that homeschooling isn’t just about curriculum. Homeschoolers are a group of people who can adapt most anything to make it an educational experience for their  families.  When I was told that a board game manufacturer had decided to take part in the Crew this year, I was excited!  Games are not only fun, by they are often educational and are a great way to introduce new concepts to your children in a non-threatening way.

We R Fun Inc.
is the producer of two games that I think you’ll find to be BOTH FUN & EDUCATIONAL.  Keith Gohl and his sister Ev Johnson created Life on the Farm as a way of introducing the interesting and sometimes challenging world of farming to their city relatives.  Here is what they have to say about this game:

This Legen-‘dairy’ board game combines fast ‘moo’-ving action with real family farm mishaps for ‘udder’-ly unpredictable fun! Imagine – you own a nostalgic American family farm (and the gamble involved in running one)! As you race against your neighbors to buy more cows, your income and your expenses grow as fast as your herd does! Collect your ‘Milk-Check’ when you pass the barn – market values can change with each roll of the dice! This game is filled with authentic family farm life experiences, yet it is easy to understand and play. A real family game – it was designed so ages 8 to 108 can easily play together, comfortably! First to “Retire” wins!

This game has won various awards and honorable mentions, so it’s definitely worth checking into for your family. My 9-year-old loves it!

Often at our house my 3-year-old is left out of game playing.  He was just thrilled to see that there was a Life on the Farm game just for him – the PRESCHOOL VERSION!  I have to admit that, though this game is geared toward the little ones, our whole family enjoys it!  I love that the playing pieces are soft and foamy and filling your “puzzle barn” with animal pieces is so much fun.  My Ian is great with colors and is currently learning counting skills, so this game ties right in with what he’s learning.  The creators say:

No reading required. Soft feel of this non-toxic foam Playmat / Board Game and Farm puzzle set. Draw a card and match colors to move along the Gamemat – it’s fun to take turns! Land on an animal square and match it with a puzzle piece to put in your barn – Fill the barn with farm animals and you win! This is a lot of FUN to play with Preschoolers!

At $25 and $20 respectfully, these games are affordable and of high quality.  The boxes are very solid and the playing pieces are sturdy and should prove to be long-lasting.  Both games would make wonderful Christmas gifts.  They can be purchased directly from the company, at specialty retailers, and at Kmart.com.

Our First Mates each received either Life of the Farm or Life on the Farm Preschool Version to play and review.  See what they have to say:

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