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3P Learning, the home of Mathletics,  is a web-based math service, providing children a chance to compete with students from around the world, or to rack up points by working through grade-specific content, which includes step-by-step animated support. There is access to additional games at Rainforest Maths, and the students get to go shopping for clothing and backgrounds for their character with the credits they earn from many of the above activities.  There are also games that reinforce math concepts.  In other words, the students have a variety of ways to interact with math.

Parents can view progress online, print out workbooks for use by the child, and can receive weekly progress emails, so it is fairly easy to keep track of what your child is learning.  You can also set it up so the child will have to complete certain activities first, before having access to everything.

3P Learning’s has stated that it’s mission is “to engage every student every day with a personalized, responsive and intelligent learning resource that inspires a delight in math and an innate drive to better results.”

3P Learning is the creator and host of two free web-events annually, which include World Math Day in March and the American Math Challenge in November.  Students from around the world or around the US, depending on the event, get to play in the Mathletics environment for the duration of the event.  In 2009, World Math Day had more than 2 million students from 204 countries taking part.

While Mathletics is used in schools in over 200 countries, they also support homeschooling.  You can view a six page brochure about Mathletics and homeschooling here.

Mathletics is an internet subscription based product, with a price of $59 per student per year.  If you know the Human Calculator’s favorite number (hint:  it’s ‘9’!) and you enter that when asked, you can purchase a single child subscription for $49.95 for a year at their website.

Everyone on the crew received a 45 day subscription to the Mathletics website, so watch this space as their opinions start rolling in.

***Special thanks to Crew Mate Debra for writing this post!***

15 thoughts on “3P Learning / Mathletics”

  1. This is best used by younger students unless the older students will use it mainly for online gaming with foreign students. (No actual contact between students.)

  2. I was quite surprised that my girls liked this so much and they actually wanted to trade a subscription to Mathletics for another gaming site they love!

  3. My 8 yr old son liked this. Wish trial had been longer. It would be costly for more than 1 child though. Perhaps they could offer a group rate for larger families too!

  4. My daughter enjoyed the part where she earned points to earn rewards, but she got frustrated during the Mathletics live because she couldn't win every time. I suppose that older kids are more mature and can handle not winning all the time a little more.


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