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Wow! We’re already to day 4 of our Bloggy Convention, a list of past review items to help you prepare for the upcoming convention season. Today we bring you items for Greek and Latin, online learning, vocabulary, reading aid, and book cataloging.

Just like the other days, we’ll also share with you one more convention at which The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine will be represented. Remember, if  you are attending one of these conventions,  stop by our booth and introduce yourself. We love making new friends and catching up with those we’ve met before!

logoA favorite Crew review from last year was Greek ‘n’ Stuff. From the Greek “N” Stuff website:

“Our teaching methodology incorporates a gradual, yet consistent, exposure to Greek or Latin. Each year, after reviewing previous concepts and vocabulary, the student then expands his/her knowledge of the Greek or Latin language (in much the same way that English grammar is commonly learned).”

Greek ‘n’ Stuff offers both Latin and Greek curricula in addition to several Bible studies written by Karen Mohs the founder of Greek “N” Stuff.

Greek ‘n’ Stuff Reviews

PhotobucketLast year’s Blue Ribbon winner for “Best Online Resource” was Big IQ Kids. Big IQ Kids is an award winning online program for kids K-8, and features programs in Math, Spelling, Vocabulary, and U.S. Geography. This multimedia program goes beyond an enrichment or tutoring program. Each area of study may be customized to suit each individual child’s level, so whether the student is struggling with a subject, or sailing through with ease, they learn at their own pace.

Big IQ Kids Reviews

Vocabulary.   Developing a solid vocabulary is important to many homeschool families for a variety of reasons.  Some are pragmatic, and want extensive vocabularies specifically so their children can do well on tests like the SAT and ACT. Some, like Austrian philosopher Wittgenstein implies, feel that an inadequate vocabulary limits what you can learn. Whatever the reasons, VocabAhead is one resource out there that can help families to expand their SAT-level vocabulary. The TOS Crew loved this product for their upper level students!

VocabAhead Reviews

PhotobucketFinding the right tools for your struggling reader can be so frustrating!  Are you one of the parents that have toiled to make one of those reading tools with the slits to help your child in his reading? Have your hands ached from trying to cut those tiny windows?  Even after your child is using your new tool, does she still falter because she can’t see what is before or after the line she is reading? Do you wish that you had something to help when your child is reading on the computer?

Well, toil and wish no more. See-N-Read Reading Tools has it all. Their research-based and classroom-tested tools are exactly what the doctor ordered for many kids who skip words or sometimes entire lines of text while reading. This product was last year’s Blue Ribbon winner for special learners!

See-N-Read Reviews

PhotobucketHomeschooling families are known for their book collections.  We need an easy way to list and organize them.  Enter Collectorz, offering cataloging systems for books, Cds, DVDs, comics, and video games.  These systems are available for either Windows or Mac OS X systems or may be used online. The TOS Crew really enjoyed this product!

Collectorz Reviews

May 24-26, TOS will be heading to Long Beach, CA for the California Homeschool Convention! This is Great Homeschool Convention’s first year in the great state of California and we are excited to be there. How many of you will be attending this convention? We hope to get to meet you!

Inspiring speakers include: John Rosemond, Cathy Duffy, Catherine Levinson, Dr. Susan Wise Bauer, Diana Waring, and Andrew Pudewa.

Watch for the workshop schedule to post soon here.

Thanks for stopping by day 4 of the TOS Crew Bloggy Convention. Check back tomorrow for more reviews and convention news!

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