TOS – And Then Mama Said, It Takes Time to Learn to Read



Encourage a child who is learning to read!

Teaching children to read and to love reading

Is one of the greatest privileges given to parents and grandparents.

If you have a little one who is just now learning to read, or has  been trying for awhile and struggling, then you NEED this new book by TOS Publisher, Gena Suarez.  In And Then Mama Said, It Takes Time to Learn to Read, you’ll follow along with the story of Splish as he tries and fails, and tries some more.  Eventually, due to the patience of his homeschooling mama, Splish learns to read and discovers how much fun reading can be.


 Each book has:

  • charming characters that your family will quickly come to love
  • delightful illustrations that lead your children right down the path to Bliss Hollow
  • a children’s book that encourages obedience to, and respect for, one’s parents
  • vocabulary words related to the story, along with simple definitions, providing you with tools to make this story more than just an entertaining read
  • a word search (with answer key), reinforcing words and themes from the book
  • a Christian worldview and Biblical concepts
  • a story that subtly presents the amazing benefits of homeschooling

With each order of the print book, you will receive a FREE download of the BONUS COMPANION ACTIVITY GUIDE!  This e-book contains:

  • copywork
  • coloring pages
  • an alphabet maze
  • science sheets
  • and much more!


 And Then Mama Said, It Takes Time to Learn to Read
would make a fabulous Christmas gift for everyone on your list –
readers & non-readers, parents of special-needs children,
those who are looking for books that promote Godly character,
pastors, homeschool teachers, grandparents, babysitters,
concerned friends, YOU!

3 thoughts on “TOS – And Then Mama Said, It Takes Time to Learn to Read”

  1. I just LOVE this book. My daughter has been struggling to read and her 4 year old sister is already reading and her older sister so it was such a perfect fit for us!


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