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Have you heard of Math Mammoth?  I have – we have used several Math Mammoth workbooks with my children in our homeschooling over the years, and I have always been impressed.  If you’re looking for bargain math materials that are good quality and thorough, then Math Mammoth may be just what you are looking for.  Basically, they are workbooks and answer keys (no teachers materials), but we have found them to make great math supplements for extra practice and have even used them for complete curriculum for self-starters.

There are various levels of Math Mammoth workbooks available.  Be sure to check out the website to learn more about the Blue, Light blue, Gold, and Green series, and learn what is available with each.

7 thoughts on “Math Mammoth”

  1. Right now this curriculum is a pretty good match for my son (6) especially when we will need a bit more practice with an individual concept. The modules are set up into learning topics (a new concept being introduced and then practiced) instead of progressive learning (a new concept introduced, then only given a few problems to go with the new concept then reviewing from previous lessons). Depending on you and your child this could be a great way of learning for you.

  2. Math Mammoth is easy to use, extremely teacher friendly, colorful and cute. It pleases the student and the teacher and from a math phobic writer like me that’s really high praise.

  3. These are well done math products and the fact that you could get 5 years worth for $60, then use just what you need is great!


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