The Eagle, The Cave, and the Footbridge & The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna Reviews

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Fantasy books take us to places we could never go, give us ideas and inspiration that the laws of nature cannot alone provide, and create a world where lessons can be taught in a mysterious and impactful way. The Hamelin Stoop Series published by 12 Gates Publishing is a middle school to young adult fantasy series. Full of adventure and thrill, yet having appropriate content for younger readers, these books hit the nail on the head!

We find, in the tragic origins of this currently two-part book series, the usual infancy of Hamelin whose parents are left with no choice than to abandon their only son at the stoop of an orphan’s homes before being taken prisoners to another world by the relentless Ren’dal. As he grows into boyhood, Hamelin faces sorrow, loss, and a feeling like he doesn’t have anyone of his own in the world. He has times of friendship and others of abandonment. Times of joyous feasting as well as meals of solemnity. He learns lessons and feels emotions that a young reader might identify with, but without such extremity. 

When the orphan’s home forgets his eighth birthday, Hamelin runs away. He creeps into a cave to escape the elements where his life is forever changed; he encounters a powerful and majestic Great Eagle. Suspense covers the pages of every chapter as the reader is transitioned between worlds following the timeline of Hamelin and his parents, though words apart, prophecies of old are pulling them together one detail at a time. 

The Hamelin Stoop Series predicts a 6-7 part book series with the following two titles now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes:

Hamelin Stoop: The Eagle, The Cave, and the Footbridge (Book 1)

Hamelin Stoop: The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna (Book 2)

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