The Digital Field Trip Series Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Digital Frog.

Digital Frog, the company well known for their frog dissection software, now brings us digital field trips on DVD. We can explore three of the worlds eco-systems from the comfort of our own homes; The Digital Field Trip to the Rainforest, The Digital Field Trip to the Wetlands, and The Digital Field Trip to the Desert

Allow The Digital Field Trip Series to immerse your students in the different eco-systems through this interactive software. They will learn through animations, graphics, illustrations, written narration, games, workbooks, and more, as they explore and discover on a virtual field trip. An innovative approach to science, this is a perfect solution for those in the homeschool market. Learning can done independently and is complete within the software itself.

Members of the Crew received The Digital Field Trip Series and had the opportunity to explore all three eco-systems. Check out the short description of each field trip from the vendor site below and then click on the thumbnails below to see what the Crew had to say!

“Experience the tropical rainforest of Belize with 28 virtual reality posts from deep in the forest and even up in the canopy. Other topics covered include rainforest types and mechanisms, an interactive dependency web game and a botany primer.”

“Explore wetland ecology with a virtual field trip to a wetland in southern Ontario. Includes wetland types, bog formation, plus detailed sections on photosynthesis, food chains and webs and nutrient cycles.”

“Five deserts of the southwestern U.S. from the saguaro cacti of the Sonoran to the sand dunes of Death Valley are brought to life in our biggest field trip ever. Try your hand at building your own desert, learn about landscape formation and in-depth sections on adaptations and homeostasis.”

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This introductory article was compiled by Lori, blogging at Hearthside Homeschool Reviews and Reflections and Ramblings of a Not-So-Superwoman.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this review! It can be hard to find good interactive field trips. Because there are so many free field trips online, I would’ve hesitated to purchase this. However, it looks and sounds really cool and touches on areas I haven’t seen done before!


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