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This article is in collaboration with Lanschool Technologies.

Recent technological advances have allowed the homeschool environment to go places where it’s never gone before. They have enabled homeschools to run more efficiently, and yet more challenging at times too. Lanschool Technologies has developed a program to help aid teachers and parents with the use of computers in the homeschool.

Lanschool Technologies is classroom management and monitoring software that can be used in classrooms or in the homeschool environment. This program enables teachers or parents to monitor their students activities on the computer via a live screen mode that displays any current applications and websites that the students are running.

LanSchool v7.4 helps:
Facilitate learning by allowing the teacher to show
their screen to the students
Remove distractions such as the Internet, applications,
USB drives and printing
Keep students on task through real-time
thumbnail monitoring
Get student’s attention by blanking out their screens
Assist students through remote control and chat
Assess student understanding through student testing

The Lanschool Console offers many helpful features for both parent and student, some features included are:

  • Runs on Mac, Windows, and Thin Clients
  • Allows the parent to manage students in a list or thumbnail view
  • Enables parent to show the teacher’s screen on the student monitors
  • Help students by using a remote control to take control of the student’s monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • Show teacher screen to student, as well as student to student
  • Send messages or ask questions of each other
  • Parents can limit, allow, or block websites on Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Shutdown, logoff or restart student computers
  • Power on computers remotely
  • View all student Internet Explorer browsing history
  • Students cannot delete browsing history
  • Mute student speakers
  • Password-based secure mode
  • Take snapshot of student’s current screen
  • Anti-tampering controls to prevent students from unloading or disrupting the software
  • Upgrades right from the teacher’s console
  • And many more helpful features to help manage the homeschool

Crew members received Lanschool v7.4 downloads to review. Please click on the links below to visit the Crew blogs and read their thoughts on this product.

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Special thanks to First Mate Jodi from The Homeschool Desk for writing this introductory article.

24 thoughts on “Lanschool Technologies Reviews”

  1. This can be very helpful for families using computer-based or internet-based curriculum in their homeschool, especially if they have multiple students working in different areas of the house. That is not the case in our home, so it wasn’t as helpful to us.

    April E.

  2. Loved Lanschool. Very useful at our home with two teenage sons who have their own laptops that they use for school. Needed this more than we ever knew. Opened out eyes to some things we were “blind” to.

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