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Why did God create bacteria like MRSA?
How are crazy zombie fire ants part of God’s perfect plan?

The good, the bad, the bizarre . . . it’s all in God’s wild and way-out-there creation!

And it’s the stuff kids are extremely attracted to!

Boost the level of excitement about learning with these nine unique unit studies that will pique your child’s curiosity and inspire learning with

The Curiosity Files

Discover how the unconventional things that God has made reflect the beauty of His creativity. The Old Schoolhouse® presents the first nine unforgettable unit studies in this outstanding E-Book series on two CDs or available by download.

Explorations with Professor Ana Lyze, Expert in Outlandish Oddities, keeping kids ages 8-13 mesmerized and asking for more!

You won’t have to do much nudging to get kids involved and learning with such an exciting and fun format. Bursting with approximately 80-100 pages each, these studies are jam-packed with intriguing, well-researched information and engaging activities for a complete unit study.

What’s so captivating about The Curiosity Files? Look at what’s included in each unit:

·    Unduly inquisitive topics
·    Stunning presentation and illustrations
·    Hyperlinked table of contents
·    Bible study and Bible memory applications
·    Science, math, history, and geography investigations
·    Literature and suggested book list
·    Writing, spelling, vocabulary
·    Beautiful copywork pages (manuscript and cursive)
·    Discussion questions, special projects, and experiments
·    Arts and crafts, drawing and coloring pages
·    Lapbook/notebook pages and helpful lapbooking links
·  Special needs, hands-on discoveries: good for all learning styles
·    Internet resources, video links, and answer keys

Professor Ana Lyze and her research spy team will introduce your child to some unusually interesting subjects they’d probably never come across otherwise . . . you know, the unfamiliar, the zany, and strange things of nature that naturally curious kids love?

The Curiosity Files keep kids occupied with a wide range of activities, answering important questions. Check out the first nine titles in this awe-inspiring series:

·    Dung Beetle: What do dung beetles use dung for? How does this lowly creature benefit us? What important role does it play? Does this peculiar bug bring glory to God? What can we grasp from the Bible? Kids will encounter a number of amusing fables and even write their own! They’ll use the dung beetle as a means to study interesting math concepts, such as geometric solids, diameter, and radius. Find out more about this intriguing, odd creature!

·    Puffer Fish: Isn’t the puffer fish just a fish that . . . well, puffs? Puffer fish are definitely one of God’s most creative efforts! Did you know that puffer fish are the second-most poisonous vertebrate in the entire world? They are also a food delicacy in some cultures! How does that work? What do people and puffer fish have in common? Make a puffer fish model and science fair display board, and add oodles of other fun discoveries!

·    MRSA: What causes the scary MRSA infection? Is it something to be afraid of? It’s made headlines: what have your children heard about it? What should they know? Are all bacteria bad? What does the Bible say about sickness? Your students will explore biology and perform an exciting bacteria experiment. This is a very interesting study! You’ll no doubt be as intrigued as your kids!

·    Red Tide: What small organism causes a huge amount of ocean trouble? A red tide can be a beautiful sight to behold . . . but is it dangerous? Who or what’s to blame? In this incredible scientific discovery, you’ll follow the deep path that unfolds the mysteries of red tides. Encourage learning to flow naturally: from understanding about algae and toxins to the food chain, geography, and the history of red tide fish kills, you’re in for a captivating investigation!

·    Blue Diamonds: Is the blue diamond a rock . . . or a beautiful gift from our Creator? Can diamonds be other colors too? What makes a diamond so valuable? Did you know that diamonds are mined in over 27 countries around the world? With the study of diamonds you learn geology and perform exciting experiments. Children love examining rocks and gems, and they’ll be more than amused to dig up the inside story and learn the colorful facts about this awesome topic!

·    Zombie Fire Ants: Did scientists really create a zombie ant? Are you sure you want to know about this? What’s the fascination with zombies? Well, we’re talking ants here, not zombies from the movies but is there a comparison? Join the march of ant discovery, colonization, and intriguing scientific exploration! This ant anomaly ain’t nothin’ like you’ve ever seen or heard before!

·    Blue-Footed Booby: Explore the fun shores of the famous Galapagos Islands to discover this amazing bird and research the islands and other animal inhabitants! How does the blue-footed booby defy the theory of natural selection? Why the funny-looking blue feet? How are they important? What answers explain why the blue-footed booby has so many oddities? Take an ornithology opportunity to observe and record bird findings, discover both an elementary and middle/high school Spanish lesson, and much more!

You’ll notice that The Curiosity Files are visually astounding but equally engaging! The conversational-style content pulls the reader in for a wild investigation into the heart of each topic.

As you read and research The Curiosity Files you’ll meet with fascinating information, puzzles, quizzes, games, and funtastic activities to keep your child actively engaged in a unit study format. Decide which unit you want to begin with, make a special unit notebook and/or lapbook folder for starters, and then continue adding on to widen the study with more amazing topics in this wonderful series.

Unlock the door to fascinating discoveries when you open the pages of The Curiosity Files!

Purchase the CD or Download all nine now!

What other features will they enjoy?

·    Let’s See How Much You’ve Learned . . . offers a simple test of evaluation reflecting just that – how much they got out of their investigation.

·    In the Beginning provides examination of Bible verses, discussion questions, and more. (Moms love this part!)

·    Kids will read amusing fables and write their own in Dung Beetle, and encounter writing through the mystery behind Blue Diamonds. But that’s just the beginning! The Write Stuff feature presents your child with incentives to actually want to write!

·    Figure It Out uses the appeal and practicality of grasping math concepts related to some real-life lessons for both primary and middle grades. Math basics, the metric system, percentages, use of charts, graphs, and more! This is what math should be!

·    Expand verbal and written communication skills and increase test scores! There are two levels of Spelling and Vocabulary activities and work sheets: elementary and middle/high school.

·    What can the past teach us about each unique topic? History comes alive with Good Old Days lessons and riveting research activities, including timelines.

·    Where in the World provides original map discoveries and other earthly educational wonders of exploration.

·    Music Mania gets your family singing and clapping for a different aspect to your awesome adventure.

·    On The Move and Hands-On Learning provide physical education activities suitable for an intellectually delayed child, deaf-blind child, blind child, or any student to have a blast with all the fascinating things they are studying in this series.

·    Looking for a great read-aloud selection to go with a particular unit? Find suggestions for literature and non-fiction delights in Read All About It.

What about your special needs student?

Many special needs students have problems understanding ideas that they can’t experience directly. The Curiosity Files provide lesson activities designed specifically to help these students grasp the concepts. All children can benefit from activities that mix visual regions, auditory regions, touch regions, motor skill regions, etc. of the brain to reinforce learning and retention; special needs students need them even more!

Are your children attracted to God’s amazing yet puzzling world and the mysterious things in nature? Add this series to your homeschool adventure!

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