Teaching Special Learners

Teaching Special LearnersDid you know that ‘special educational needs’ has a legal definition ?  It refers to any child who is currently experiencing a learning difficulty whether permanent or temporary.  Many children will have special needs of some description during their educational journey.

They may need extra help in a range of areas, for example:

  • schoolwork
  • reading, writing, number work or understanding information
  • expressing themselves or understanding what others are saying
  • making friends or relating to adults
  • behaving properly in school, at home or social events
  • organizing themselves
  • some kind of sensory or physical needs which may affect them in school or at home

Some students are able to have this need met by ordinary people like you and I and some may need assistance from specialists in the field of their particular difficulty.

Each child is unique in their need and therefore each one will make progress at their own rate.  It is important therefore to take into account your particular area of need when arranging their lessons, learning areas, books and the materials they will use for their learning.

Some of the members on the crew have special needs learners, you can read more about how they structure different areas in order to support their children’s educational needs.

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 Begining to Homeschool Your Special needs Student

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ADHD Resources

Marcy at Ben and Me shares her Top Ten Resources for ADHD Support and 5 Reasons to Homeschool Your Child with ADHD

Ability vs Maturity

Heather over at Only Passionate Curiosity shares some thoughts on Teaching a Wiggly Child to Read with Logic of English, ideas on Choosing Math Curriculum for Special Learners and some encouragement in the area of Ability Vs. Maturity: It’s a Big Deal

Sheila from over at Manic Mom shares her insights on Homeschooling on the Spectrum is Colorful!!! and how she created a way for her special learner to have Fun with US Geography!

From the Schoolhouse Review Crew read more about Understanding Child Brain Development, and Discover a Way to Treat ADHD and Dyslexia Without Medication. Find out more about the two apps from Mobile Education: Story Builder and Rainbow Sentences.  A supportive environment that is practice that feels like play for special needs learners is the IXL Online learning system. For students needing help with their reading we have reviewed Reading Kingdom. For students with Dyslexia and Visual Stress take a look at Crossbow Education.

Looking for some more supportive articles to read ? We have

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