Validation of Our Homeschool Journey

I had a conversation with our family doctor the other day.  I had to call him about a question regarding a prescription for my husband, but our conversation quickly turned to other things, including my children. I have known this doctor for more than half of my life.  My parents see him, my husband and … Read more

A Homeschool Lost and Found

If only our school had a “lost and found” box.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that will even help.  I would actually have to find things first in order for them to be in that box. Help me!  I’m homeschooling a house full of little people and lost items are a regular occurrence.  The hardest part … Read more

Travel Schooling

I have wanderlust. I can’t help it. I get giddy at the thought of exploring new places and seeing new things. The food! The history! The cultures! The possibilities of things to see and places to go are endless. I want to share this sense of wanderlust with my children and have found that learning … Read more

From Workbooks to Treehouses

With the warm sunshine on our faces, cats curled on our laps, and the peaceful quiet of the Texas countryside around us (albeit with a few vultures circling overhead), we settled in for a lovely morning of homeschooling. Now most of our days are not spent in the treehouse, but some days, the call of … Read more

Socialization and Homeschool: Finding A Good Balance

Socialization is something that the majority of people worry about upon starting to homeschool their children. Here I present the portrait of a mom – we’ll call her Bonnie. Bonne has two children and is fairly new to homeschooling. She’s gotten a great curriculum and has her weekly schedule planned out. The kids are excited … Read more

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