Homeschooling Through Hardships

  Let’s face it – life happens.  Hardships and difficult situations come into the life of every family.  Dealing with hardships can put stresses not only on family life as a whole but also on homeschooling.  Our family has been going through a very challenging circumstance for the past year.  My husband sustained a traumatic … Read more

Making Homeschooling through the Summer Work

You would think that suggesting we do school during the summer would make me an unpopular mommy, but truly, I did not have any problems introducing the idea to my children. We have been homeschooling through summer for a few years and it works well for our family. There are a few steps that I … Read more


Have you ever wanted to include some homeschooling lessons into your summer break, but didn’t know how to embark on this adventure without the kids thinking you were ruining their summer? Enter the term “Funschooling”! My definition of the word funschooling is turning everyday activities and adventures into a homeschooling lesson. I am going to … Read more

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