Super Teacher Worksheets Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Super Teacher Worksheets. Sometimes, even with the best of curriculum, we find ourselves looking for a way to provide extra work to help our students grasp the material that we present. We think that maybe a practice worksheet or two over a difficult math or grammar concept would make … Read more

Help Teaching Pro Subscription Review

This article is in collaboration with Homeschooling can present many challenges to families.  One of the biggest obstacles is finding curriculum resources that you can rely on and trust the materials.  As busy as we all are, has given homeschool parents the extra help that they need via their Help Teaching Pro Subscription. … Read more

Using Virtual Worlds in Your Special Needs Homeschool

Most wouldn’t imagine using a virtual world such as “World of Warcraft” in their daily homeschool schedule, but perhaps you should. Virtual Worlds are built upon many of the same social theories we encounter in our every day, real world lives. As a result, they can be fantastic resources for helping students with special needs, … Read more

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