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Homeschooling can present many challenges to families.  One of the biggest obstacles is finding curriculum resources that you can rely on and trust the materials.  As busy as we all are, has given homeschool parents the extra help that they need via their Help Teaching Pro Subscription.

Help Teaching Pro Subscriptions gives families access to thousands of printable and online tests, worksheets, activities, lessons, and games for Grades: Kindergarten through grade 12.

With an extremely friendly interface, parents can easily print worksheets and tests for all the subjects they seek help with, including science, math, language arts, social studies, and geography. even provides materials for life skills and career/employment skills.  If you cannot find a worksheet that exactly fits your needs, you simply use the worksheet and test creators that allow you to customize the materials you need.

Educators can create online assessments and invite their students to take them online.  The grading is done for you, but if there is a mistake, you can easily correct it using the Online Test services that come as part of your Help Teaching Pro Subscription. organizes the material by subject, grade level, common core, and even by topic.  You can create a classroom easily to keep track of the tests and materials that you are using. 

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