Geography for Kids – Year 2 Reviews

This is sponsored content. Pack your bags and get ready for a trip around the world with Let’s Go Geography.   Members of the Crew were have been using Let’s Go Geography, Year 2 with their families, a 32-week program that takes students around the globe and introduces them to countries all over the world. Created … Read more

Online Homeschooling For the Whole Family Reviews

Welcome to the first review for 2020! Our team of bloggers and social media reviewers have been using for the past few weeks. is an internet-based homeschool resource and the curriculum arm of  The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. You can build your own curriculum or use the information found in the Scope and Sequence … Read more

6th to 8th Grade Math (Pre-Algebra) and High School Math (Algebra to Calculus) Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Thinkwell Homeschool. Teaching math can be difficult for many parents. Whether your child is struggling to understand or it is you as a parent struggling to teach math topics that you have not used in many years. Thinkwell Homeschool offers Video based courses to help parents with their kids … Read more

Calvert Homeschool Online Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Calvert Homeschool. Imagine a place where you could get all your schooling done. One board, one place. where you can find a home with courses to take on-line, grading predominately by the program. Can you imagine what a time saver that could be? Enter in Calvert Homeschool. They have … Read more

Math Enrichment Program Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Smartick Math. Looking to give your child a brighter future in mathematics?  Smartick Math gives your student an individualized math plan that gives them the help they need to get through learning tougher math topics. Smartick is the only program that combines math, reading comprehension, along with logic and … Read more

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