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A method that’s been around for more than 70 years with countless success stories must be doing something right, wouldn’t you say? Which is only one of the reasons why MaxScholar has adopted the Orton Gillingham method within their program. The combination of the Orton Gillingham method and the multi-sensory approach of MaxScholar to teach phonics combines into a powerful reading intervention program specially designed for children with learning deficits, such as dyslexia, autism and Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, and other auditory processing disorders.

MaxScholar is a reading program for both kids and adults that helps retention of information through their multi-sensory approach, creating new pathways in the brain by teaching the grapheme/phoneme connection through visual, audio and kinesthetic step-by-step instruction. A program developed for those with learning disabilities in mind, MaxScholar adapts to the learning styles of the individual through the all-inclusive programs that come with an online MaxScholar annual subscription.

Although the various subjects within MaxScholar have independent purposes and goals, each one comes together, working in tandem towards the ultimate success of each child. All of the following online reading programs are included within a MaxScholar subscription, including:

Pre-K Phonics: The Basics – The Orton Gillingham Method

Pre-K Phonics is the preschool phonics program for MaxScholar, which is targeted for ages 3-5 years, uses the Orton Gillingham method basic, preparing your child to be kindergarten-ready as they learn all of the letters of the English alphabet along with their sounds, how they are written, as well as the blending of those sounds into words when put together.

MaxPhonics: Phonics Software Programs

The MaxPhonics program is effective for ages 5-7 or for those who need extra attention in this area. This online program is a multi-sensory approach of teaching phonics with the Orton Gillingham methods and helps children improve their reading skills easily.

• Divided into “worlds,” which allows students to focus either on individual letters, blends or digraphs.

• Provides practice for handwriting, an essential part of reading.

• Videos that demonstrate the correct pronunciation of letters, blends and digraphs.

• Drill and practice to help the students build important skills.

• Fun games to reinforce what they have learned.

MaxReading: Online Reading Programs For Kids With Learning Disabilities

Based on the Lindamood Bell Reading Program, the MaxReading program is a multi-sensory program for teaching effective reading comprehension strategies that employ a research-based strategy to improve focus, visualization, and retention while reading. Aligned with the Common Core standard, this program is for students who are below grade level in their reading skills and applies to all types of learners.

• Thirteen levels of difficulty, each with several multi-chapter books.

• Relevant topics for students of different ages and with a variety of interests.

• Electronic highlighters that help visually identify important parts of the text.

• Vocabulary presented in context.

• Comprehension questions following every chapter.

• Opportunity to outline and summarize each chapter after reading.

• “Read Aloud” feature.

MaxWords: Learn To Build Words

MaxWords is the multisyllabic word program of MaxScholar that teaches the student prefixes, suffixes, Greek & Latin roots, syllabification and spelling rules. By using MaxWords, students will increase their vocabulary by 16,000 words! It also helps build vocabulary, improves spelling, and improves reading of multisyllabic words. 

What does it include?

• Latin Roots and Greek Roots.

• Prefixes and Sufixes.

• Spelling Rules.

• Syllabication: CLOVER.

MaxMusic: Top Games For Students With Learning Disabilities

MaxMusic uses music and engaging games for students who might otherwise be uninterested in reading and learning. Students can play fun learning games to work on memory, recognition, and auditory skills.

MaxVocab: Best Vocabulary Learning Games For Adults & Kids

MaxVocab is MaxScholar’s dictionary. It is one of the most important complements of our MaxReading Program. MaxVocab offers thousands of definitions and interactive games to expand the students’ vocabulary.

MaxPlaces: Fifty-One Exciting Locations

With MaxPlaces, students get the chance to explore the world. After choosing a city or attraction from the world map, the student reads a short passage filled with information about the chosen place and then answers a series of multiple choice questions to check for reading comprehension.

MaxBios: Interesting Famous Personalities

MaxBios introduces students to famous personalities, both past and present, from around the world through biographies. Each biography is set up in a timeline structure, which teaches the students chronological ordering skills.

With MaxScholar, children with various learning styles and varying learning disabilities will benefit from this Orton Gillingham focused curriculum. The programs throughout MaxScholar offer captivating content to help the children improve their focus, which is beneficial for developing other skills later in life.


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