Creative Problem Solving, Dare to Compare Math, Mastering Logic & Math and Who Is This Kid? Colleges Want to Know! Reviews

This article is in collaboration with The Critical Thinking Co.™ One of the things we want as parents is children who can think through things. Children who grow to make wise decision and then back them up. Homeschool publisher The Critical Thinking Co.™ aims to support parents in reaching that goal by providing products in … Read more

Art Through The Ages & Art for Children Reviews

This article is in collaboration with ARTistic Pursuits. Do you want to give your children a great art background but struggle with knowing what to teach and how to teach it? Then welcome to Artistic Pursuits Inc! This company has a wide range of fantastic art products and there’s something for every age range. We … Read more

Prima to Fourth Form Latin Complete Sets Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Memoria Press. Is it May, already? We are all looking toward the warmer weather and possibly a break from school which for many homeschool families means we are looking toward purchases for our homeschool next year. For Classical homeschoolers, Latin is often the forefront, and going to the next … Read more

PreK-12th grade: Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social studies Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Time 4 Learning. Many of you will be getting ready to wrap up your studies for the summer. Even as you may be planning for some more laid back days, you’re probably beginning to plan for the next school year. Others of you may be planning to continue working … Read more

History on Horseback: The Early Years Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Sonrise Stable Books. Do you have an animal lover? Is history a tough subject to teach in your house? Members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review the most recent release from Sonrise Stable Books, History on Horseback Volume 1. This is a great way to study … Read more

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