What Colleges Want From Homeschoolers

College admissions can feel like a high stakes game of poker…what do you have?  What do they want?  Homeschool parents are often left in the dark about how to handle the process.  The good news is that it is so much easier these days for homeschool students to navigate the college application process than ever … Read more

Loop Schedule: The Secret to Preventing Homeschool Burnout

The “loop schedule” is my secret weapon for preventing homeschool mom burnout. This brilliant homeschool schedule idea has saved my sanity. Why is a loop schedule so great? It relieves the feeling that you’re not doing enough. Also, when we’re using a loop schedule, we actually get more done! What Is a Homeschool Loop Schedule? … Read more

May Home School Round Up

Welcome to the May edition of the Homeschool Collection presented to you by the Homeschool Review Crew. We’re nearing the solstice and hope that you are enjoying your days with your children. Grab a cuppa and join us for some wonderful homeschooling encouragement. Last month we had some wonderful guest posts by the Crew you … Read more

Sensory Bins and Preschoolers

I can hear you know, “here we go again, another post for little ones on how important sensory bins are, but all I see is MESS MESS MESS!!!” or “I have a baby or a toddler that is eating everything, so we can’t do sensory experiences in our house.” Well, actually you can. You can … Read more

Homeschooling While Your Home Changes

Homeschooling While Your Home Changes

Many families face change during their homeschooling years. Some of the changes may cause more stress than others. And everyone – parents, children, and extended family – will react differently. How can one handle homeschooling while your home changes? I have found flexibility to be the key.

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