Teaching Creatively: Delight-Directed Teaching

  Welcome to the first day of our Teaching Creatively Blog Hop. For the next 5 days, 80+ members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew will be sharing their tips, ideas, and inspiration for bringing more creativity to homeschooling. Today, the focus is on teaching to the passions and interests of your children with Delight-Directed Teaching. … Read more

The Subject I Enjoy Teaching Most

Most of the time when favorite homeschool subjects are being discussed, someone is asking one of your students, “What’s your favorite subject?” In my house, the answer would be, “Anything but math!” But this week’s Blog Cruise is a fun one! We are asking members of the Crew which subjects are their favorites to teach! … Read more

A New Subject for Charlotte Mason . . . Technology!

Three years ago when I started homeschooling, one name kept coming up in conversation: Charlotte Mason. She was everywhere. Then I discovered she’d been dead for over 80 years, and I started to wonder what she had to do with twenty-first century homeschooling. So I started digging. I discovered her premise contained twenty basic principles, … Read more

Homeschooling in the Philippines

“So, Where Do Your Children Go To School?” This is one of those common conversation starters that reveal a lot about the educational heartbeat of the Filipino family. There are schools, and there are “the” schools. If you can afford to send your children to “the” schools then it is popularly believed that they will … Read more

Homeschooling on the Other Side of the Earth

When I asked my children what they felt was different about homeschooling in China, versus our experiences homeschooling “back home” in Canada, my nine-year-old daughter’s first response was, “It isn’t really all that different from homeschooling in Canada.” And in many ways, she’s right. We study the same subjects, we have the same schedule, the … Read more

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