Weaving Work at Home and Homeschool Together {Not Back to School Blog Hop 2019}

Homeschooling is a full-time job.  It can be challenging to balance all the responsibilities of being your children’s teacher with the realities that your family needs to eat, may prefer to wear clean clothing, and all the other household and pet chores that are part of life. Now, throw in, “earns a paycheck of some … Read more

Homeschool Encouragement

It is that time of year again. All the kids are getting ready to go back to school. Even the homeschool families are getting ready to start new lessons, or pick back up after a short break. Everyone is excited to be getting back into a routine again, or so it seems. But along with … Read more

Homeschooling during Periods of Transition

Whether dealing with an impending move, adding a new family member, dealing with illness or other unexpected or expected events, homeschooling during times of transition challenges even the most experienced homeschooling families. As a military family, our family has moved four times so far and are looking at another move coming within the next six … Read more

You Know You’re a Homeschool Mom …

… when your kindergartener doesn’t know the months in the year but asks if you could find examples of the Fibonacci Sequence on your nature hike. …you wake up most mornings to the sound of your kids playing happily together, knowing you can just leave them for a little longer as no one has to … Read more

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