How to Let Go of the Homeschooling Guilt

Every homeschooling mom feels guilty from time to time. Whether you feel guilty about not getting enough school work in or you wonder if your kid is actually learning anything from what you are teaching. This guilt attacks everyone, no matter what stage of life you’re in, that guilt likes to sneak in from time to time. As a homeschooling mom, here is how to let go of that guilt.

Free up your schedule

The more stressed we feel, the more guilt that will happen. It’s more than okay to free up your schedule, so you have time to breathe. Honestly, when you’re super busy, you don’t have time to dedicate your full attention to everything. It may be time to free up some of your schedule, so you can enjoy life a little more and stop feeling so guilty. It’s okay friend, just breathe. You know everyone LOVES fieldtrips, maybe go on an impromptu trip to find some relief from the guilt.

Know your children are learning

When you’re a homeschooling family, it’s so easy to compare yourself to public schooling families. You may see the other family and think “wow, their kids are so smart.” Guess what? So are your kids! Let go of the homeschooling guilt because your children ARE learning! You may not be able to see it, like the fact that I sometimes don’t see anything because we un-school more often than not, but what you’re teaching them is sinking in, I promise. Continue to diligently teach the important things, the kids are listening.

Tell yourself positive things

Our brains have a way of navigating to the deep dark negative side. It’s time to start telling yourself some positive stuff. Stop letting yourself say negative things, only allow your brain to focus on the positive. There are many positive things that you can tell yourself, like:

  • I can do this.
  • I am teaching my kids awesome stuff.
  • My kids are learning from me.
  • I don’t need to feel guilty, I’m doing the best I can.
  • I am going to be okay and so are my kids.
  • My kids are smart and this way of life is a great thing for all of us.

This may sound easier said than done, but our brains can be retrained and reprogrammed. Even if you’ve been having negative thoughts for years, it’s capable of focusing on the positive.

Letting go of the homeschooling guilt, isn’t going to be easy. Guilt eats up so much of our time and energy, it’s just not worth it. If you’re spending less time feeling guilty, you’re going to be able to focus more and worry less! Don’t worry, you’re doing a great job with those kids of yours, especially as you homeschooling them. You don’t need to feel guilty, they’re learning and so are you!

In His Grace,

Callie @ Mama’s Coffee Shop

5 thoughts on “How to Let Go of the Homeschooling Guilt”

  1. Great encouragement and some good practical ways to talk to myself. With girls so involved in dance, I sometimes question letting the written coursework go a little bit. This will help me to keep the focus on their learning, not their bookwork. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks so much for the reminder to keep a positive mantra. This is something I’ve tried to maintain, but once homeschool mom quilt slips in I’m a blank brain! I’ll definitely be doing this mantra! And yes…the kids ARE learning something!!!

  3. rather than giving into guilt I’ve learned to focus on what I have done well.. taught my son to be confident in his ability to learn and how to look for help when he needs it.


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