Homeschooling Down Under

  In Australia there are six states and two territories, home education is legal in all Australian states and territories, each has it’s own independent legal requirements. Home schooling is a popular and viable alternative to mainstream education. There is no one size fits all approach, when researching home schooling you will discover that the … Read more

Homeschooling in Canada – Ontario

Our Homeschooling Around the World series continues this week with Canada!  Homeschooling in Canada has been a wonderful experience, although I haven’t homeschooled anywhere else so I don’t really have a frame of reference. I’m in Ontario which does not require anything but an intent to homeschool form to let the school board know that you will … Read more

Homeschooling in Germany

As a military family, moving to Europe has been at the top of my wish list for years. When our orders to Germany dropped I could hardly contain my excitement. I jumped and cheered, and ran straight to the computer to start planning all the things we could see. The more I stalked Pinterest travel … Read more

Homeschooling on the Other Side of the Earth

When I asked my children what they felt was different about homeschooling in China, versus our experiences homeschooling “back home” in Canada, my nine-year-old daughter’s first response was, “It isn’t really all that different from homeschooling in Canada.” And in many ways, she’s right. We study the same subjects, we have the same schedule, the … Read more

Creative Curriculum on a Creative Budget

When we made the decision last February to homeschool (has it really been almost a year?), I knew one of the things I’d have to deal with was little to no budget for buying curriculum and supplies.  Our children were in Kindergarten and Pre-K and had been in public school for the first part of … Read more

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