The Spirit of Advent

Anticipation and Hope!  These are the things that mark the Advent season which begins on Sunday.  In these days hope can be a difficult thing to hold onto.  How can we keep the spirit of Advent alive even through the despair that surrounds our world? Advent is all about expectation and longing.  It is about … Read more

Celebrate Advent

With Christmas quickly approaching, some people might find themselves caught up in the frantic nature of the holiday season and longing for a way to better prepare their hearts for the true wonder of Christmas ~ God’s gift to the world through the person of Jesus Christ. However, as Christians we have the choice to … Read more

Christmas Books Round-Up

Christmas books are some of my favorite books ever. We look forward to pulling off the shelves, all of our special books about the coming Christ and all of the other inspirational stories that lead straight to him every year. We have a lovely basket that sits next to our hearth that instantly becomes our … Read more

Advent Idea Box

I vaguely remember participating in Advent during a few minutes worth of a Church service as a child. It was different from my regular thrilling traditions of Santa and family and gifts. I didn’t quite understand it, but I do remember being intrigued by the sacredness of the candle ceremony. Once married, with children on … Read more

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