Science for All Grades the Easy Way (Supercharged e-Science Review)


Favorite Science CurriculumScience is a pretty big subject to teach. There are so many variables that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Supercharged Science was started by Aurora Lipper, a real rocket scientist, about 10 years ago. Aurora is committed to helping students become excited about learning Science instead of being bored with it. Crew Members were given 6 months of access to the e-Science Premium Membership.

Supercharged Science is an online science curriculum for grades K-12 that allows parents access to 20 units of study which include video instruction presented by Aurora herself, along with step-by-step videos detailing each science experiment, and even shopping lists so you can plan ahead for the lessons you want to do. The program works in a way that students can work at their own pace, and you as the parent do not need a background in Science. Aurora does the teaching for you. With hands-on learning, Science can be fun again!

Here is what you get with the e-Science program:

  • Self-guiding lessons
  • Detailed video-based instruction taught by a real science teacher (Aurora)
  • Step-by-step videos showing how to do each experiment, activity and project
  • Comprehensive teacher guides
  • Textbook readings
  • Exercises & Quizzes
  • Unlimited support
  • A safe self-contained learning environment

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supercharged science review

A big thank you to Becca Carroll of C Family of 6 for writing this introductory post.

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