Help with Homeschool Algebra and Geometry Review

This article is in collaboration with Stinky Kid Math.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew has been blessed to review a few math products this year. The latest math resource came to us from a company called, Stinky Kid Math. We were pleased to review their math tutoring program for help with homeschool algebra and geometry.

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Stinky Kid Math is an online math product designed to help your kids master math concepts, deepening their understanding of pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. Their goal is to make these concepts accessible and clear to students.

The program is made up of streaming online videos students can watch at their convenience. It also provides printable worksheets that allow for practice of the concepts covered in the lessons as well as online games for the strengthening of those skills.

With Stinky Kid Math, students will learn the why of many math concepts. The core idea of the program is to teach students how math works so that they can better retain what they learn.

The videos act like tutors, very much like having Math tutoring done in your home. The videos are taught by the same live teacher throughout and are short and to the point. On top of the video lessons, practice worksheets, and games, there is also a colorful, printable math book containing all of the concepts covered in the program.

Stinky Kid Math is accessible for computers and tablets and requires an internet connection. See their website for plenty of sample videos.

Stinky Kid Math ReviewsA big thank you to Joelle from Homeschooling for His Glory for writing this introductory article.

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