Spring Routines for Your Homeschool

Spring is in the air! Every year when the weather gets warm, my family starts to think about spring. But springtime means some changes to the routines in our homeschool as well. Consider these spring routines to help you end your homeschool year right.

Spring Routines for Your Homeschool @ HomeschoolReviewCrew.com

Go Outside

Spring is the perfect time of year to spend some time outside as a part of your homeschool day. There are lots of ways to make your time outside educational.

Spring Routines for Your Homeschool @ HomeschoolReviewCrew.com
  • Take a nature walk: Go on a walk with your kids to look for signs of spring. Kids can look for flowers budding, new green leaves on the trees, or baby animals. This is a great time to talk about the life cycles of plants and animals.
  • Practice gross motor skills: Ride bikes, create an obstacle course, or practice kicking a soccer ball or throwing a frisbee. There are many opportunities to practice gross motor skills outside in the spring!
  • Draw with chalk: Any art lesson is more fun when kids can work on it outside with chalk on the driveway. Younger kids can practice forming letters with chalk, too.
  • Try a messy science experiment: This is a great way to get kids excited about science, make some fun memories, and learn something new all at the same time

Take a Spring Break

Just because you are homeschooling doesn’t mean that you can’t add a spring break into your homeschool schedule.

Some families choose to take an actual spring break and skip homeschool lessons for a week. They might choose to travel during this time or plan a staycation at home.

Instead of taking a spring break from homeschooling, some families prefer to take a spring break from their homeschool curriculum. This is what we have done for the past several years. During our spring break, we like to do a lot of gameschooling and learning through play. This time is more hands-off for me, and so I have a chance to do some extra spring cleaning and enjoy some time with my kids during this week.

Spring Routines for Your Homeschool @ HomeschoolReviewCrew.com

Finish Strong

No matter what your spring routines look like, it is important to finish the homeschool year strong. This is the time of year when it’s easy to get distracted. Some families also struggle with homeschool burnout at this time of year. This is a good time to simplify your routines and make sure you and your kids have plenty of time for relaxation and self-care built into your schedule.

Plan Ahead

One of my favorite parts of my spring homeschool routine is that spring is when I start to look ahead to next year. I attend my state’s homeschool conference and spend some time reflecting on the school year. I also take some time to choose our new curriculum and plan our homeschool year for next year.

Try adding some of these spring routines to your homeschool.

Let’s Encourage Each Other!

What changes can you make that will help
you finish strong as you prepare
for the summer and next year?

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