Spotlight on the Crew ~ Finding Answers to all the Questions about God’s Creation

{This week’s Spotlight on the Crew article is brought to you from Christine, at  Kitty’s Roar.}

Since I was a small child I have wanted everything in my world to make sense. I grew up in a Christian home and regularly attended my church every time the doors were open. I had a burning need to know why I am here.  How can there be a beginning and an end, and, indeed, how can there not be? How do dinosaurs figure into the creation story? Why do I get a different story from everyone I meet?  I asked lots of questions and got no satisfying answers.  My parents, my Sunday School teachers, everyone I asked could not answer my questions. I remember visiting the Albuquerque Zoo with my grandmother and asking her all these burning questions and she just told me she didn’t know.

Biology was my favorite subject in High School and College but the more I learned, the more I longed to get my questions answered.

I spent much of my life trying to put all this together in my own mind and trying to find answers. When I began homeschooling my granddaughter I didn’t want her to have to wonder. So I started looking even harder and wonder of wonders and Hallelujah! someone finally had some answers. I found Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. A little later I found Dr. Jay Wyle and Apologia Science! Very recently I got a good look at Creation Illustrated magazine and am absolutely thrilled that it combines pretty pictures, interesting articles, and curriculum and lesson plan ideas. And then I realized that there were a bunch of people out there writing on the very subject that had puzzled me for so long.

General Science and Physical Science give us a picture of all that went into creating the heavens and the earth. Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy have given us a picture of all that it took to create life and make that delicate balance that keeps it all working together. The more we learn the more there is to learn and the more amazed we are by God’s abilities and the sheer idiocy of anyone thinking that it could have all happened by chance.

My granddaughter and I learned together and suddenly all the loose ends came together into a beautiful picture of something so amazing and awesome that I almost can’t take it in. When you begin to study the intricacy of God’s creation and how he had all the bases covered, human language cannot even begin to describe the extent of it. And awesome, as a word, just isn’t adequate.

For many people music draws them into praise and worship and the presence of God. And I experience that too. But the thing that really draws me into God’s presence in praise and worship is studying about His creation.


Christin Hindle, The Homeschooling Grandma, is Assistant to the Director of Advertising & Sales at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. You can find her blogging about homeschooling and reviews at Kitty’s Roar.

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