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One of the areas that I am very lacking in when it comes to our homeschooling is the area of ART.  I have been wishing for something to come along that might help to motivate me to be a more productive art teacher.  So, I’m excited about Spears Art Studio and the products that they are sending to the Crew to review.

The Crew will be receiving both the K-8 curriculum and the High School curriculum on cd-rom.  Both of these levels address:

  • >Recognition of the basic elements of art: line, shape, space, color, form, texture
    >Recognition of the basic principles of art: repitition/pattern, proportion, contrast/value, emphasis/focal point, balance/symmetry/assymetry, unity, variety, harmony, movement/force/rhythm
  • >Academic and visual/eye-hand coordination skills
    >Cognitive skills (higher order thinking skills, Bloom’s taxonomy)
    >Art history connections
  • >Contemporary art connections
  • >Scripture integration
  • >Analyzed for National Visual Arts Standards

In addition, the Crew members will have the option of reviewing the Teachers Manual for the K-8 art curriculum or the HIgh School Art Survey (written for student and teacher).

Sounds pretty great, right?  I would encourage you to check out the Spears Art Studio website and be sure to check back here and read what the Crew has to say (they will sign the Mr Linky below).


  • Penny says: When I think of all of the arts and crafts books I’ve purchased over the years, not one contains all of the components that Spears combines into this one product. And all of the work (short of buying the needed supplies) has been done for me.
  • Tajuana says: I am glad to finally have an Art curriculum I can finally use in our studies.
  • Cariestephens says: Chock full of teacher helps, set up for use during an academic year, easily used for different grade levels at one time, professionally produced, strongly supported by sound academic literature and research (Art is GOOD for the brain!!), and based entirely on God’s word, this is most definitely a program you should consider adding to your family’s curricula.


MR. LINKY IS FOR CREW MEMBERS ONLY – all others, please leave comments, as needed.



18 thoughts on “Spears Art Studio”

  1. I'm surprised to see no comments yet! Anyway, I loved this curriculum and it is absolutely going to be part of our homeschooling experience!

  2. My boys and I are just loving incorporating Spears Art Studio's curriculum into our homeschool. They all love art and as I'm doing my best to model I am finding a new outlet for my own creativity.

    Laura O

  3. We just LOVE this program. The kids are learning things I had no clue how to teach them and I love art! Thanks for letting us give this a try!!!


  4. I loved this for High School. It includes scripture, art history an journaling. It is very thorough and I was very thankful for receiving it.

  5. I loved this for High School. It includes scripture, art history and journaling. It is very thorough and I was very thankful for receiving it.

  6. I wasn't expecting to be able to get the best use of this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. Well organized and full of good suggestions for artwork in the home school, even if mom is not very artsy.

  7. October was fun and of course December is great for Andy Warhol fans (the "JESUS" Op-Art was cool"), but skip ahead to May.

    Even if you don't like the band, you'll become a Third Day fan 😉



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  8. LOVE this curriculum. Very good value and excellent course. Lots of flexibility. Manageable for an individual student or a classroom.

  9. I see these are old reviews, so I thought I’d add one. I used this for a high school homeschool co-op class a few years ago. We had 16 students in our class. It was a very good fit for us and one of the most excellent curriculums I’ve used to teach. (I’m a home school veteran of 20+ years with 15 years of experience teaching large home school classes in all subject areas.) I supplemented with videos of different techniques due to time constraints. I loved that it was written from a Christian world view, glorifying God throughout. Some of the scripture memory verses didn’t really fit the lessons. I thought it could have started the hands-on with other media a little sooner, as the drawing lessons took up most of the first semester. For students who really love drawing, this would be good, but for an overall high school survey course, it was too much. There are so many different types of art, and with a shorter time drawing, we could have dabbled in a few other areas that we didn’t have time for. I’ll be using it again this year with a few modifications. I would NOT recommend buying all of the art supplies she lists. That was a big waste of money since most of the students could get by with substitutions and lesser quality. Yes, it is nice to use good quality tools, but you don’t give a Mercedes to a teen driver, so … FYI, Spears Art Studio’s website has been removed due to hacking and Diane Spears is restructuring the business, so you can find her on FaceBook.


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