A Day in the life of an Independent Learner

I was all set to write a generic post about how you raise up independent learners and then I thought, wouldn’t it be better if I just told you what a typical day in the life of ninth grader is like?   My ninth grader is a very independent learner.    A Day in the life … Read more

June Home School Round Up

Wow we’re half way through the crazy year of 2020! Welcome to the June edition of the Homeschool Collection from the Crew. Today we have twelve homeschooling Mom’s looking forward to sharing their wisdom and insights with you. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy a few moments with us. During the month … Read more

April Homeschool Collection

Welcome to the April Homeschool Collection brought to you by the Homeschool Review Crew. If you are looking for some fabulous real down-to-earth blogs and social media accounts to follow be sure to take a look through our Blog Roll. The Homeschool Crew have had a wonderful month exploring new products on the market and … Read more

Why Charlotte Mason Narration Is Better Than Traditional Tests

Let’s break out of the cultural norm and stop teaching to the test. By using Charlotte Mason’s testing method called “narration,” we can achieve a higher level of learning in our homeschool. Who Was Charlotte Mason? Charlotte Mason, a British educational reformer at the turn of the twentieth century, coined the term “narration.” She believed … Read more

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