Science, Biology and Life Science from Science Shepherd Review

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When it comes to finding a solid, Biblically-based science curriculum, parents often have a hard time finding something that works for a variety of levels and is flexible with their scheduling. Science Shepherd answers the call with its complete, effective, and engaging science curriculum products that provide several levels of learning for children in grades K-12.

These levels include:

Introductory Science

This program combines several major categories of science, including creation, geology, biology, astronomy, oceanography, and meteorology for kids ages 6-11.  Although students can work at their own pace, each week is divided up into 5 days of lessons, which take minutes to view but cover a wide range of topics. The videos offer lectures with full-color graphics, animations, slides, and demonstrations, and there are additional hands-on activities that can be done if the teacher chooses. You will be granted 12 months of access to online videos with this selection.

Life Science 

This is a complete Junior and Middle School curriculum that covers cells, the classification of plants and animals, and even human anatomy and physiology. It includes a 280-page textbook, answer key, and a syllabus to help with planning.

Biology Science 

This high school curriculum includes a 720-page textbook, answer key, lab book, and a DVD series covering 19 labs – among other resources!

All lessons have a Biblical focus that reminds students the Creator of all things has a plan for the Earth and all that live on it; young minds can stay focused on their purpose while studying science in a fun way! Additional worktexts can be purchased for any course, making it an ideal option for large families or those with multiple students in the same class.

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A big thank you to Linsey of Lille Punkin’ for writing this introductory article.

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