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Established in 2005, Salem Ridge Press is a family-owned publishing company dedicated to introducing wholesome children’s literature from the 1800’s and early 1900’s to a new generation of readers.

Each title is carefully selected for republication based on the standards set forth in Philippians 4:8: “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things (Philippians 4:8).”

TOS Crew members received a combination of the following digital (e-book) and paperback titles for review:


• Soldier Fritz & The Enemies He Fought – Young Fritz wants to be a soldier for the Lord, just like Martin Luther. But when his father, the Count, goes off to war, Fritz, his mother, and little sister are forced to flee into the forest to escape imprisonment for their new faith.

• Dearer Than Life – Sir Hugh Middleton offends the neighboring monastery by sending his son, Stephen, to study under Dr. John Wycliffe, and his son, Harry, to serve as an attendant to the powerful Duke of Lancaster. Despite mounting danger and persecution, Wycliffe, Stephen and Harry strive to bring the Word of God to the people.

• Out of the Mouth of the Lion – Flaminius, a high Roman official, takes his wife, Flavia, to the Colosseum to watch Christians being thrown to the lions. After witnessing the horrible event, Flavia cannot forget the martyrs’ faith. As they travel to the seven cities of Asia Minor mentioned in Revelation, Flaminius’ attitude toward the Christians begins to change.

• From Bondage To Freedom – Two Christian women are sold as slaves at a Syrian market. One ends up in Rome and learns of purgatory and the need to finish paying for her sins. The other travels to Arabia with her new master, Mohammed, who eventually declares himself to be the prophet of God. Will either woman find true freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ alone?

• Hilda the Briton – After Bran and his young sister, Hilda are taken to Rome and sold as slaves, Hilda embraces the stories of the Roman god, Saturn, and longs for the day when he will rule the world, making her happy and free. Then one day, an elderly slave takes Hilda to listen to a prisoner named Paul speak of a God who loves slaves.


• Mary Jane-Her Visit – The second book in the Mary Jane series, five-year-old Mary Jane has happy adventures at her great-grandparents’ farm in the country.

• The American Twins of the Revolution – General Washington can’t afford to pay his discouraged troops, so General Priestly asks his children, Sally and Roger, to hide a shipment of gold that will be used to pay the American soldiers. But British spies have also learned about the gold and will stop at nothing to prevent it from reaching General Washington. Based on a true story.

• Young Robin Hood – After a frightening commotion in Sherwood Forest, young Robin is left behind and forced to spend the night alone in the forest. The next day, the boy is taken in by Little John, Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the Merry Men, who treat him kindly. But Robin’s father, the Sheriff of Nottingham, is sure to come looking for him.

• Down the Snow Stairs – On Christmas Eve, eight-year-old Kitty cannot sleep, knowing that her little brother is critically ill due to her own disobedience. Traveling in a dream to Naughty Children Land, she meets many strange people, including Daddy Coax and Lady Love. Although Kitty longs to return to the Path of Obedience, she must first resist many temptations along the way.

• The Sign Above the Door – After eight plagues fall upon Egypt, Prince Martiesen is forced by Pharaoh to increase the burden of the Hebrews. But Martiesen is in love with Elisheba, a beautiful Hebrew maiden whom he is forbidden by Egyptian law to marry. As the other nobles turn to Martiesen for leadership, Elisheba is kidnapped and terrifying darkness falls over the land.

• The Captives – Guntra, the chief of her tribe of Britons, must make a desperate deal with the cruel Druid priests in order to protect those she loves. When her son, Jugurtha encounters the Christian Centurion, Marcinius, he mocks the idea of a God of love and kindness. But a day comes when Jugurtha is in need of such love and kindness. Will he allow the Gospel to penetrate his heart?

• Yussef the Guide – Young Lawrence, an invalid, convinces his guardians, Preston the Professor and Burne the Lawyer, to take him along on an archaeological expedition to Turkey. Before they set out, they engage Yussuf as their guide. As the friends travel deep into the remote regions of Turkey, Yussuf proves his worth.

• The Martyr’s Victory – Knowing they may die in their attempt, a small band of monks sets out to convert the savage Danes. The monks’ faith is sorely tested as they face opposition, doubts, sickness and starvation. Then the monks discover a young Christian woman who has escaped being sacrificed to the Danish gods. Can she help reach those who had enslaved and tried to kill her?

• Marie’s Home – Eleven-year-old Marie Hamilton and her family travel to France at the invitation of Louis XVI. There they encounter the tremendous disparity between the proud French Nobility and the oppressed and starving French people. When an angry mob storms the palace of Versailles, the Hamilton’s are rescued from danger by a strange series of events, but their story is just beginning.

• Before the Dawn – At first, Dame Ursula welcomes the visits of a kindly blacksmith to her crippled grandson, Conrad, but soon suspects that he’s a follower of John Wycliffe and his evil heresy. While studying to become a Doctor of the Church, Conrad has the opportunity to hear Wycliffe preach, and later, the preaching of John Huss as well.

• Gytha’s Message – Gytha, a young slave, longs to escape the violence and cruelty of the world and devote herself to Christ. Although her faith brings hope to those around her, especially during the dark days when England is defeated by William the Conqueror, Gytha must learn that God often has greater work for us to do in the world than out of it.

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Special thanks to First Mate Denise from Got Chai? for writing this introductory article.

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