This article is in collaboration with Schleich.

Crew reviewers received a sample from Schleich’s World of Nature Wildlife and Farmlife collections.

As you look up specific animals at the Schleich website, you can learn more about them such as their “fun facts” like the Przewalski’s horse is the only “wild” horse left on the planet. Scientific facts are also shared including the animal’s zoological name, conservation status, and global home.

As you look around the website you can even find painting templates (color sheets) to download including a picture with the elephant we reviewed.

Although you cannot order directly from them, there is a store locator on the Schleich website.

“With Schleich, “Any where’s a playground” means that there are no limits on your imagination: not where you play and not how you play. With no need for instructions or translation you can play with Schleich anywhere in the world, no matter what continent you live on or what language you speak. A tiger is a tiger, anywhere in the world.

Please read what the Crew has to say and then check out Schleich’s high quality toys for yourself.

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Special thanks to First Mate Jennifer from a glimpse of our life for writing this post.

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  1. Enjoyed reading quite a few of your reviews this morning (get to the rest later). We have loved Schleich for years, and my boys were so jealous not to get on this review! lol

  2. We LOVE Schleich for their quality and attention to detail. We have gotten years and years of enjoyment from the figures we already own. Adding to our collection was such a treat! Thank you!

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