Perfect as a Rose

I love roses, and I suppose that is a good thing as our garden is full of rose bushes of all sorts. When I was a child I lived in a house with fantastically ancient rose bushes. These old ladies produced the most immense and beautiful blooms. The kind you can sink your entire face into and breathe in the fragrance. On summer nights, my open bedroom windows let the evening fragrance of the roses in, and the perfume gently coaxed me to sleep.

And so I have spent a lot of time looking at roses. When you look at a lot of them, you realize that the phrase “perfect as a rose” does not mean perfection at all. Each rose is slightly different. Some have a blemish on one side. Some are whorled in a double manner. Others have been eaten a bit by a bug.

Roses Are Like Homeschooling Moms

To me, roses are a metaphor for homeschooling moms. We are beautiful, each in our unique way. We strive each morning to reach for the sun once again. To non-homeschooling families, we sort of look the same. Many of us look tired, cling desperately to a cup of coffee or tea, and if we are blessed with naturally curly hair, we may try to get away without even brushing it in the morning. (OK, so the last one is probably just me)

The point is that like roses, homeschooling moms are all flawed just a bit. That is precisely the source of our greatness and our beauty. That is what makes our homeschool so perfect for our children.

We strive each day to serve Him by teaching our children and raising them up to be gentle and honest and good.

We are all “perfect as a rose”.


A big thank you to Kirsten West of DoodleMom’s Homeschooling Life for writing this article.

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