Original’s Online Workshops Foster Student-Centered Learning

This article featuring online workshops is in collaboration with Original.

To have children’s passions come alive while homeschooling is the goal of every homeschooling parent. And Original brings out the creativity and fun in their child-led online workshops.

Original's Online Workshops Foster Student Centered Learning

What Are Original Studios Online Workshops?

During the pandemic, Bill Triant and his wife looked for classes for their children to take while they worked. They tried various programs, but their children were not motivated or interested. Then, one day his daughter said she would love to take a class that would help her create her own gardening board game. She loved board games and gardening and wanted to combine the two.

This inspired them to create a new type of online learning experience. Instead of offering classes with an agenda, instructors create spaces where students are free to work on projects they choose. In addition, instructors give feedback and share lessons as needed to help guide them in their tasks. Original’s mission is to tap into the many learning opportunities often missed.

Child-Led Online Workshops

Each online Zoom class is 45 minutes in length. They consist of small-group classes with a student-centered approach. Students come with their projects, and instructors support them in developing them. The instructors give possible directions that students can go in with their projects but approach this from a child-led perspective. The instructor also gives specific and honest feedback to inspire the students. There is also an option to go into breakout rooms to talk with the teacher about individual projects. 

Original: A Different Approach to Online Learning

Different Workshop Opportunities

Our reviewers on the Crew had the opportunity to attend and review four weeks of classes. Reviewers could choose between Telling Stories in New Ways and Original Lego Creations. 

In the Telling Stories in New Ways class, children join a story maker space where they can develop any story they would like to tell. With their imagination, they will create stories using different forms of media based on their interest. The goal of this class is to propel their ability and desire to tell an amazing story.  

The Original Lego Creation class is designed to put creative juices into action. Children are encouraged to build their creations with a focus on design thinking. Led by a Lego Master, all creations are welcome, and encouraging feedback is given. 

Photo of completed Lego projects

Both classes are meant for ages 7-10. Original also has other online workshops for various ages; Designing Your Own Game, Storytelling with Comics, Drawing What You Can Imagine, and more.

Original offers many courses to choose from to motivate and inspire children to grow. They also provide flexibility to select the date and time that work best for each family. The first class is free, and while they suggest attending a minimum of five weeks of classes, families can decide to stop at any time. 

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