Online Lessons for Children: Violin, Piano, Cello, Guitar, and Self Defense

This article is in collaboration with Practice Monkeys.

I want to introduce you to Practice Monkeys, offering online lessons in violin, piano, cello, guitar, self defense, and even a great books course for high schoolers! Don’t you just love that name? It really embodies how fun and silly and exciting it can be for your whole family when you use this program! 

This is an amazing program that provides online, live music, and previously recorded, educational programs based on the Suzuki Method for violin, piano, cello, and guitar. Also included is a self-defense program based on Brazilian Jui-Jitsu wrestling (Gracie University). They even have a Great Books program for High-School that is based on Mortimer Adler’s “Great Ideas.”  This is a monthly subscription-based program. One subscription covers the whole family for one program. Two subscriptions cover the whole family for two programs, etc. The Homeschool Review Crew received 3 months of classes to any (or all) of the 5 courses offered. 

So many of us can get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to teaching music. There is the challenge of schedules and cost. Perhaps driving to one more thing just won’t fit your schedule but you want to see your child grow in their musical ability. Well, Practice Monkeys is a source for LIVE and recorded online lessons for young students with a number of levels available. The instructor, Mrs. Van Kleeck is experienced and enthusiastic. With over 26 years of experience using the Suzuki Method, she is fun and engaging as she shares her knowledge with students. Miss Sarah passionately believes that one must seek virtue in every area of life, and so she makes her teaching more excellent. Sarah also has a background in Classical and Charlotte Mason Education, 13 years of mothering, and 9 years of homeschooling. Practice Monkeys’ program of music development includes Technique, Poetic Knowledge, Habit Training, Ear Training, Theory and Reading Development, Sight-Singing, and lots and lots of  FUN!

Practice Monkeys offers live streaming online lessons four days per week on an Eastern Standard Time at 3 pm and following. If you are unable to make a class,  no worries because each class is recorded and uploaded to your Treehouse so you can take part in the recording, the same way as in the class. The “treehouse” has everything your child needs with lots of support. For live classes just log in at the set time for your child’s level and student and teacher can see/hear one another. They can practice, learn some new skills, and get feedback on their progress individually. 

They also provide assessments so you can know right where your student needs to be. Each program is self-paced so your students receive just what they need. They also teach and support the necessary habits required to help students make their independent practice the most effective and efficient possible. Mrs. Van Kleeck even offers help sessions a few times each week for students that may be having some difficulty and just need a little extra help. For an additional fee, students can schedule one on one assessment times. 

The following classes are currently available:

  • Violin Classes through Book 7 Suzuki
  • Piano Classes through Book 3 Suzuki (Books 4–7 are in development)
  • Guitar through Suzuki Book 2 (Books 3–7 are in development)
  • Cello through Suzuki Book 3 (Books 4–7 are in development)

Every session is thorough and Innovative, Comprehensive Online Suzuki Violin Education. Free help classes every week! Real Practice, Real Progress. This is an education that is not only comprehensive and convenient but also fun, effective, and affordable. Register for a Free Trial Class and come learn with Practice Monkeys!

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Thank you
to Jennifer King of A Peace of Mind for writing this introductory article.


Jennifer has been home educating her four children, from age 6 to age 15, since 2009 with a passion for freedom in learning. Residing in Wisconsin she works with local families to provide support and encouragement in their journey. There is nothing more powerful than when we learn and live together, growing closer to our Lord, and to one another—these are times too precious to step away from. Life is full of so many amazing opportunities and she is eager to share her experiences so others will know too that it will be well.

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