Online Homeschool Math with CTCMath

Are you looking for an online math program that allows for a lot of flexibility in how you use it, provides bite-sized learning, testing out of material already known, and the ability to learn at your own pace? You will want to look at CTCMath, a math program designed with homeschooling in mind.

Online Homeschool Math with CTCMath.

CTCMath brings you online math for you to use while homeschooling your students. This is a self-paced course, which means your students can work as fast or as slow as they want within the allotted time frame.

CTCMath covers all your math needs from kindergarten all the way up to grade 12, including Calculus. Part of the beauty of this online math program is that students can complete a diagnostic test before starting a unit and skip material they already know. . The lessons are small and you can complete the test before taking the lesson to see if you already know what is presented. 

Online Math Courses Available

This is a very flexible program. Each student can take whatever course they want to.

These courses are:

  • Elementary math for Kindergarten to Grade Five.
  • Middle school math for grades six through eight.  This includes 6th-grade math, elementary measurement, elementary geometry, along with basic math and pre-algebra.
  • High school math contains Algebra 1 and 2, Pre-Calculus (including trigonometry), Geometry, and Calculus.

So as you can see, CTC Math is a thorough homeschool math program.

How It Works

Your student can work through their math one course at a time, or choose to work on two or three courses at the same time. This is important since sometimes homeschooled students are all over the place with their math abilities. So it’s nice to have a math program that can easily accommodate that. Your students can back-track if they want a refresher on a math concept because let’s face it, we can’t remember everything all the time can we? So why should we expect our students to do so? Before starting on a new math course you can have your students take a diagnostic test. This helps them recall what is known and what they need to brush up on so that they are starting off on a fresh foot.

Everything about CTCMath is self-paced, from how quickly you learn the material (you can play the videos over and over again), or you can use the worksheets (printing them off if desired), to how quickly you complete worksheets and answer unit questions. The goal is to help your students succeed in their homeschool math endeavors.

CTCMath even presents its material in two formats. A video that you can speed up, or a PDF print off. You can use both, or just one or the other. Your students can even print off the lesson if they want a reminder sheet to study from. You’ll find optional worksheet questions to help cement the learning.  Each lesson is bite-sized and sequential so you don’t have to worry about learning multiple things at once.

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Check out the reviews by members of the homeschool review crew.  With a wide range of children and abilities, you’ll be able to see the scope of CTCMath thoroughly.

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