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When it comes to interactive, hands-on history, there’s one company that quickly comes to mind—Home School in the Woods.  Offering a vast array of unit studies, lap books, Time Traveler series, and more, Home School in the Woods offers a unique style curriculum that brings history to life.

Hands-on History with Homeschool in the woods.

Home School in the Woods is a hands-on history curriculum supplier created by Amy Pak, president of Home School in the Woods. A family-owned and operated business, the company aims to bring history to life with interactive activities that include crafts, recipes for the period, idea of timelines as a great visual resource to pull the whole idea of history together. Started in 2002, the company has grown from offering timelines to creating an entire line of products for various eras of history that allow students to immerse themselves into the period being studied. 

Home School in the Woods Scrapbook of Sights from Renaissance and Reformation.

Members of the Crew had their choice of one of the offered curriculum to share with their family during their review period.

 The curriculum choices included:  

Individual Timeline Set (Grades K–12)

HISTORY Through the Ages Historical Timeline Figures help put the puzzle of history together. They allow you to follow across eras of time using illustrated figures to represent people and events key to world history

Home School in the Woods History Through the Ages Timeline Set
  • Timeline Set: Creation to Christ  (Beginning – 100 AD)
  • Timeline Set: Resurrection to Revolution (0 -1799 AD)
  • Timeline Set: Napoleon to Now (1750 AD – Modern Day)
  • Timeline Set: America’s History (Explorers to 21st Century)

Project Passport World History Studies (Grade 3–8)

Pack your bags and explore the history of ancient times. Students create a scrapbook of sights, handmade souvenirs, assemble a lapbook, and listen to historical guided tour recordings on each of the 25 stops.

Home School in the Woods Project Passport The Middle Ages projects, timeline, and lapbook photos.
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • The Middle Ages
  • Renaissance & Reformation

Time Travelers U.S. History Studies (Grade 3–8)

Focusing on one specific period of history, this series offers an in-depth study of the culture, art, and history of the given time period. Make a timeline and create project pages with hands-on history activities that go along with reading lessons. 

Home School in the Woods World War II contents
  • New World Explorers
  • Colonial Life
  • The American Revolution
  • The Early 19th Century
  • The Civil War
  • The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression
  • World War II

Activity Paks

These paks help you create a single folder-based lapbook as well as complete various activities as you explore maps, the wonders of the world, and the Bible. 

Maps Combo-Pak (US & World Maps) (Grades K–12)—This combo pack offers supplies both the United States Maps set which contains maps of each state, Washington DC and over a dozen maps of American History as well as the World Maps set which offers maps in Ancient and Modern styles!. The maps are offered three ways for your convenience: with labels, without labels, and in outline form.

Hands-on History with Homeschool in the woods.

Lap-Pak:  Wonders of the World (Grades 3–8)—With several spectacular wonders worthy of recognition, from man-made to natural, spanning thousands of years, this Lap-Pak focuses on four specific categories: Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Natural.

Activity-Pak: The Old Testament (Grades 3–8)—Take a trip through the Old Testament and witness God’s hand at work through amazing people and Providential events. This Activity-Pak provides 15 Lap Booking projects that incorporate creative writing, coloring, research, Bible study, and more.

Hands-on History with Homeschool in the woods.

Activity-Pak: The New Testament (Grades 3–8)—Study the New Testament and follow the life of Jesus from His birth to death to life again while learning about His many stories, lessons, and miracles as well as getting to know His disciples and witness the beginnings of the Christian church. This activity pack supplies15 Lap Booking project topics that incorporate creative writing, coloring, research, Bible study, and more.

Hands-on History with Homeschool in the woods.


Hands-on History with Homeschool in the woods.

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