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The Homeschool Crew is finishing up our first voyage with some wonderful products from Memoria Press.  Memoria Press had originally chosen 3 of their best-selling products to send out to the Crew for review, but were very flexible in allowing our members to “pick and choose” something else that might better fit the needs of their homeschool and/or their children.

I am just thrilled with the products that I received and can’t wait to put them to the test.  For now, though, I’d like to give you a run-down of all the Memoria Press products we looked over.

First off, The Christian Studies series.  These books appropriate for students in grades 3 – 7.  Volume I covers Creation to Moses’ Last Words, Volume II covers the Invasion of Canaan to Jonah; Vision of Days to Come, Volume III covers Zacharias; Angel Visits Mary; Birth of Jesus to Paul’s Final Years; Letters of Paul; and Vision of John.  While working through this 3-year series, you child will also be working through The Golden Children’s Bible (also available through Memoria Press).

Second, the Copybook series.  There are different books – either Primary book I, II, or III or the Cursive Copybook.  The passages in these copybooks include memory verses, lyrics to famous hymns, and prayers from the Latina Christiana book.

In addition to the copybooks, which stress handwriting, Memoria Press also offers New American Cursive which is a cursive writing program for first grade and up.

Another item from Memoria Press is the Famous Men of … series.  This series consists of four history texts based on the classical approach.  The titles are Famous Men of Rome, Famous Men of Greece, Famous Men of the Middle Ages, and Famous Men of Modern Times.  A full-color textbook is accompanied by a Student Guide and a Teacher Guide.  Each set in this series contains 30 lessons, for a full year of study.

Something Memoria Press is famous for is their Latin Studies.  There are different levels – Latina Christiana (for K-3rd grade), Latina Christiana I & II (for 4th-9th grade), and First Form Latin (a brand-new Latin curriculum that is a wonderful follow-up for the Latina Christiana program.  Also, for advanced students, Lingua Angelica I (a beginning Latin translation course).

Another language program, new to Memoria Press, is there First Start French program.  This program is ideal for students in grades 3-8, and comes in volumes I & II.

Logic & Rhetoric are both popular courses at Memoria Press.  You will find Crew reviews for Traditional Logic I (for 8th grade & up) & Classic Rhetoric of Aristotle (for teachers and parents).

And, rounding out our reviews, we have Horatius at the Bridge (classic poem and textbook) and D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths (text, student, and teacher guides).

Be sure to check out Memoria Press!

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  1. I am totally impressed. Really. What a wonderful company. Their products are great, and we are having a ball learning two different languages with NO STRESS!

  2. I was terrified about trying to teach Latin to my children – but Memoria Press has made it so simple! We love the DVDs, the lessons are easy, easy, easy to follow. Latina Christiana for 3rd-6th grades is very simple to use at home, even for someone who has never learned any Latin. Hooray!


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