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Math U See is a comprehensive K-12 math curriculum. It was founded over 20 years ago by Steve Demme, a successful math teacher.  Using his combined knowledge of curriculum and teaching experience, he began developing worksheets based on a multi-sensory approach.

What sets Math U See apart is the hands on nature of the program. Each lesson uses tools such as videos and manipulatives. These tools are designed to work with all different learning styles. Math U See fits into many different homeschool styles from Charlotte Mason to Unit Study, from Traditional to Relaxed.

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There are three things that make Math U See a unique math program.

  1. Concept teaching: The teaching of why the problem is solved in a certain manner and when to apply that concept. Learning concepts comes first, then memorizing facts and formulas and being able to apply this to life.
  2. Mastery Program:  Students should understand each concept and be able to teach it. Review is also a constant during each lesson.
  3. Complete K-12 skill based, mulit-sensory program: Manipulatives are used from Primer through Algebra1. Because of the unique nature of how each kid learns, Math U See uses many senses to help students understand the materials they have learned.

The Crew was given the opportunity to pick which level of Math U See would work best for their student. They each received a full program plus all needed manipulatives. A full program consists of a Student Workbook, Teacher Book, Test booklet, and  Lesson DVD. Each elementary program also requires a manipulative block set. The upper levels have specific manipulatives for fractions, decimals and Algebra.

Each level of Math U See focuses on a specific set of concepts. Where appropriate, other topics are introduced. Math U See has just recently revised their student and teacher books. Applications and enrichment  pages have been added to each lesson. As well, an updated teacher’s guide gives more teaching tips and examples.

The following products are available for purchase from Math U See:


Primer Level

  • $31  Instruction Pack w/DVD
  • $22 Student Pack



  • $43  Instruction Pack w/DVD
  • $30 Student Pack



  • $44 Instruction Pack w/DVD
  • $30 Student Pack



  • $45 Instruction Pack w/DVD
  • $30 Student Pack


Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1/ Geometry

  • $57 Instruction Pack w/DVD
  • $32 Student Pack



  • $72 Instruction Pack w/DVD
  • $32 Student Pack



  • $92 Instruction Pack w/DVD
  • $32 Student Pack



  • $57 Instruction Pack w/DVD
  • $27 Student Pack



  • $38  Math U See Block Set
  • $33 Fraction Overlays
  • $22  Algebra Decimal Inserts


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