Our Homeschool Day in Pictures


Brandy at Kingdom Academy HomeschoolCome over to our house!

I’ve taken a lot of pictures in the last month, and my kids are in their pajamas for the majority of them! I am starting to wonder if I should at least make them get dressed at lunchtime.

Chareen @ Every Bed of RosesJoin Us for a Day Homeschooling (A Photo Diary)

Sometimes our day is slow and sometimes busy but never is it twice the same. Join us for a photo journey of a home school day at Every Bed of Roses.

Clarissa @ Counting Our BlessingsPhotos of Our Homeschool Day

I have not been great about taking pictures throughout our school days, but I have been doing it more often since joining the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Here is a look into our homeschool day.


Erica @ Be the OneSo What Do You Do All Day?

Some of the pictures show off a typical day, and some are embellished a little bit, just for the sake of the blog post. I’ll let you guess which ones are which!


Candace @ His Mercy Is NewOur Homeschool Day (in pictures)

Hi and welcome to our home in beautiful East Tennessee!! We are a very eclectic homeschooling family, meaning we are not committed to one certain method or way of homeschooling. We are a little bit unit-study-ish, a little bit Charlotte Mason, a little bit traditional, a little bit unschoolish with a little bit of classical thrown in there with our Greek/Latin roots! All of that said, here are some pictures from a “typical” day in our household!!

Julie @ Creatin’ Classical ChaosOur Homeschool Day — In Pictures

I love peeking into the lives of other homeschoolers. You too? Well then come on in and let me show you around.

Gwen @ Toliver’s to TexasCats, Culverts and Co-op

Four days a week are normal, regular, typical homeschool day – Thursdays are the exception when we go to co-op and theatre. This Thursday was anything but normal.

Wendy @ Life at Rossmont — A Day at Rossmont, in Photos

Our day starts a little early for the boys, and differently from many. You see, the first order of business each day are the pet chores.

Bethany @ Little Homeschool BlessingsOf Monday

We have terrific homeschool days and we have not-so-good milk spills days, but each day is a blessing.

Lexi @ Lextin AcademyPicture This!

What do I do all day? Do you really want to know? We don’t sit at desks, we don’t raise our hands, we don’t have hall passes, lunch tables, or janitors. Here’s what homeschooling really looks like in our house!

Diane @ Cabin in the WoodsA Day in the Homeschool Life — Photo Style

A typical non typical day in our average relaxed homeschool life.

Laura @ Loving and Learning in the High PlainsPictures of Our Homeschool Day

With our homeschool adventure, every day is different, but here’s a typical day of school at our house. Of course, it always starts (and often ends) with the chickens.

Brittney @ Mom’s HeartPicture This

Here are the sweet, the silly, the goofy, the rotten and the random moments that make up our day . . .

Kemi @ Homemaking Organized Blog — Our Simple Homeschool Day

Here are some glimpses into our simple homeschool day. Of course faces have been omitted to protect the innocent.

Heather @ Only Passionate CuriosityA Fly on the Wall — Our Homeschool Day in Pictures

When people hear that we Homeschool, the first thing many people say is “Oh, I could NEVER do that”. People don’t really know what Homeschooling means, or what it looks like in practice. Today, I want to share with you a typical, “at home” homeschool day. Are you ready to be a fly on my wall?

Sara @ Embracing DestinyClass is in Session! 

We may not have a conventional classroom, but we’ve discovered that learning isn’t limited to a desk!

Sarah @ Delivery Grace — Our day in pictures

In the last couple of weeks, we have had a play afternoon with a friend, a home education group visit to a Tudor day, a concert and another home education group meeting. However, these are pictures of time around home where the bulk of our work is done.

Beth @ WeavingsA Peek Into a Homeschool Day

Though most often our days are very routine and predictable it does get pretty exciting and hectic at times trying to keep up with kids ranging from pre-school to high school.

Jenn @ Treauring Life’s BlessingsTake a Peek in Our Window

In our pj’s, on the floor, on the couch, in the store. . . we don’t always use our books, oh how different each day looks!

Amy @ Bow of BronzeFrom Crazy Busy to Productive Calm: Our Homeschool Day in Pictures

Sometimes our days are just crazy busy and sometimes are days are just amazing and productive yet calm. Either way, we are learning, growing, and living life for God’s glory as best we can.

Our Homeschool Day in Pictures (Image)

Meg @ Adventures with JudeOld School Photos

I love the simplicity of black and white photography. While color photography can create some stunning pictures, I love how the distraction of color fades away and you’re left with the emotion caught in the frame.

Nikki @ Blessings from Homeschooling — Our Day Through the Eye of a Camera

Have you ever wondered what homeschoolers do everyday?? No day around is ever the same but here is a little peek into what we sometimes do!!


Karen @ Tots and MeA Pictorial Look at Our Homeschool Day

These ideal days do not happen as frequently as I would like with playgroup and co-op taking up 2 of our 5 days. And then, there are the scheduled and unscheduled appointments that creep into our days. All I can say is, I am learning to be more flexible and just go with the flow.


blogcruisebutton2Thank you for joining us in this week’s Blog Cruise. I hope you have enjoyed looking through the the pictorial depiction of our days. Please join us in 2 weeks when our topic will be A Good Read.

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