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Master Innovations began with the simple goal to have each child in a classroom own a Master Ruler. The Master Ruler has been a great success, and very probably you have heard of it. After many years of Research & Development they now also bring us The Master Clock, The Master Fractions, The Master Angle and the Marvels of Measurement Poster.

The TOS Homeschool Crew will be reviewing four different products from Master Innovations:

Master Ruler

The Master Ruler Starter Set comes with a Standard Master Ruler, a Metric Master Ruler, a Teacher’s Model Master Ruler and Master Ruler Workbook, plus the workbook is reproducible. Each Ruler has several clear plastic overlays so that you can build on the concepts your student has already learned.

Master Clock

The Master Clocks clear plastic overlays are printed in colors to coordinated and match the removable colored hour, minute and second hands of the clock. The gear driven clock keeps the hand position of the clock accurate. The Reproducible Master Clock Workbook works hand in hand with the Master Clock, building concepts and understanding as it goes.

Master Fractions

There are 3 different Master Fraction Manipulatives, 1/5, 1/10 & 1/20, another 1/3, 1/6 & 1/12, another 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 & 1/16. They all have clear plastic overlays, again so that you start basic and/or can build on what they have already learned. Each one has four shapes, again for ease of understanding, there are 2 circles, a square, and a rectangle. There is also a Master Fractions Reproducible Workbook.

Master Angles

This is a circular clear plastic disc that has the angles marked with a place to make your pencil mark in the center and on the edge, along with a moveable angle arm. There is also a reproducible Angle Workbook that is made to work with the Master Angle.

Each of these products are very durable and will hold up to your students use. They are designed so that your young students can begin with ease and your older students that never understood can work with it to finally understand.

You can check out these items by clicking on the following links: Master Ruler, Master Clock, Master Fractions, Master Angles. While you are there, enjoy the video that explains about each of the products.

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Special thanks to First Mate Terri from Burkherts Brigade for writing this introductory article.

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