Foreign Languages for Your Homeschool (Mango Languages Review)

Mango Languages offers online courses for learning foreign languages. Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were given access to their Homeschool Edition. Accounts were set up to allow reviewers to link up to five family members including a parent account to track progress. The program is intended for ages 6 through adult and offers all levels of coursework. Mango Languages homeschool edition currently offers 52 foreign languages for English speakers to choose from, and they are still adding more. You may learn more than one language at a time. 


Once you choose a language, this is the starting screen. O
n this screen, you can scroll down and see other members in your group who are also learning the same language. 


This is an example of a conversation. Before they speak, the conversation is shown in English. As the two people speak to each other in the language being learned, their lines change to that language. After they speak, you can change it from the new language back to English as needed. The program has you first listen to each conversation then it progressively teaches you the words in that conversation. At the end of the lessons, you should be able to listen to it with understanding, without changing it back to English.


Your progress is saved on Mango Languages, even if you have to stop in the middle of a lesson. When you log back in, you resume at that same spot. Throughout each lesson you are taught how to speak including proper cultural and social lessons. 

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A big thank you to Jennifer of A Glimpse of Our Life for writing this introductory post.


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