Making Christ the Center of School

We’re a month into the new year and the new rhythms we have set ourselves are well and truly under way.  A mom asked me the other day, “How does one truly make Christ the center of school?”  Good question to ask in a world that is me centered.  I decided to put this question to the Homeschool Review Crew and find out how each of them make Christ the center of their school and their daily living.

Making Christ the Center of School 1

Meredith @ San Gabriel Farm Learning Note-Taking Skills – we try to incorporate the Word of God in our studies in some form or fashion, even when it includes learning how to take notes when listening to a sermon.

Kelly @ God’s Writer Girl How We Place Christ at the Center of Our Homeschool – By placing Christ at the center of the homeschool, students get a strong Biblical foundation, good morals, and manners. which are sadly lacking in our world today.

Sabrina @ Kids, Crunch, and Christ A Christ-Centered Homeschool – Just a few of the ways I keep our homeschool and family focused on Christ.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break

  • From the High School Lesson Book – School Scripture – Each year I choose a School Scripture to help me focus on the purpose God has for us in our homeschool. For the 2016-2017 school year, we have two passages of Scripture we’ve claimed for our homeschool.
  • Worldview and Why It Matters – Biblical worldview is a powerful motivator for good education, solid work ethics, healthy relationships, and positive involvement in communities. What we learn and believe about God’s character and God’s plan for our lives has a huge impact on our choices – including curriculum choices!

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