Live Class Computer Programming for your Students Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Code Wizards HQ.

Learning all the various computer programming languages can be a real challenge.  It’s a very important skill for kids to learn for future careers.  Code Wizards HQ has created a program that is perfect for students to learn those very important programming skills.

Code Wizards HQ offers live, instructor lead online classes.  Each week, students meet with their class online, where instructors help them step-by-step through learning hands-on coding exercises.  Code Wizards HQ has classes in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or Python.  These classes can all be taken from the convenience of your own home, and several times are offered for each class to fit any student’s schedule.

To get started on Code Wizards HQ, you could simply get started with the Introductory Program.  Each level of Code Wizards HQ has been created to build on top of each previous lesson.  So the student is able to continue improving on the basic skills and fully develop their programming skills.

Even though many parents do not understand or know how to use computer programming languages, you do not need an expert to help your student along.  Code Wizards HQ will send parents weekly updates with information not only on what the student’s current topics of study are, but also a schedule of upcoming assignments.  You are never in the dark on your child’s progress in this program.

Code Wizards HQ has created a specialized online program that allows students to learn and grow in their programming skills.  The platform that has been created is an extremely user-friendly program that allows students to interact with their instructors in real-time during classes.  This allows for immediate feedback on what the student is working on.

Code Wizards HQ unique platform helps to build student’s confidence as they are programming.   A printable Certificate of Completion at the end of each 12-week session, also give student’s something to be proud of showing off.

Armed with highly qualified instructors, Code Wizards HQ project-based approach to learning programming languages is unique and a great educational tool for students in middle and high school grade levels.+

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Thank you to Renita K. from Krazy Kuehner Days for writing this introductory article.

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