Little Wonders Preschool, Young Scholars & Kindergarten Reviews

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A lot of homeschooling parents prefer to use the Classical Education method for teaching their children. There are some definite pluses to this method, not the least of which that it strives to create learners, not just students. Homeschool Review Crew members have been exploring the classical education program from Wisdom Wonder Project over the past few weeks.

Wisdom Wonder Project started out as the San Luis Classical Academy in 2005. Parents wanted a classical school for their children but there wasn’t one around, so they founded their own. Fast forward 15 years to 2020 and that same group of educators is now offering their product to homeschooling parents around the world.

How It Works

Wisdom Wonder Project is a subscription based service, and they have four main areas/age ranges to choose from.

Little Wonders is designed for the little kids – preschool through kindergarten. For one monthly fee, you get downloads of a complete literature and art curriculum designed especially for learners of this age. Literature is an important aspect of classical education, and each month in your Little Wonders kit you get full literature curriculum for 4 picture books. The books are not included in the curriculum, so you’ll need to make sure to have a good library (public or your own!) available.

Besides Literature, the Little Wonders kit includes an art curriculum that teaches children about “the masters.” Through learning about one famous artist every month, the child creates their own art using the basics of those techniques.

There’s also a Block Play curriculum included in the kit, and this gives your child exposure to even more great children’s books. It differs from the main literature curriculum in that there’s only one book per month, and it places a focus on kinesthetic learning. Your children get to hold things in their hands and move them about, creating a spatial awareness of their environment.

The Little Wonders curriculum is available for purchase in individual pieces or as a full kit. If you choose the full kit, it includes a 20% discount over the a la carte prices.

Young Scholars is for older children (1st-2nd grade, with curriculum for older children in development), and because the children are a bit older, the curriculum is a bit more comprehensive. It includes history/literature (as one subject), science, and art.

The art curriculum is the same as the Little Wonders, just aged up for older kids. History and Literature are combined because they go hand-in-hand so easily. Young Scholars read books written during the time period they’re studying. This helps bring the past to life for students.

The science curriculum focuses on “doing,” so it’s full of instructions for experiments and activities. As much as possible, they try to integrate the science with the history for a well-rounded school day.

If you’re looking for math (either to go along with one of the Wisdom Wonder Project kits or separately), you can access Singapore math videos with a Wisdom Wonder Project subscription (sold separately from the other curriculum). You’ll need to get your workbooks and manipulatives in addition to the video lessons.

Finally, if you’re not looking for a full curriculum, but you want a little supplement to fill an odd week here and there, Wisdom Wonder Project has you covered there too! You can buy single unit studies for Preschool-2nd grade students for a flat fee – no subscription required. There are holiday studies, book-a-week studies, and more available.

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Special thanks to Wendy of Ladybug Daydreams for writing this review introduction article.

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