Learn to Read with Reading Eggs

This article is in collaboration with Reading Eggs and their Learn to Read program.

Every parent wants to help their child learn to read. However, phonics and teaching the English language can be tricky, so an interactive and engaging program can be helpful. Reading Eggs is a great learning resource that combines games, songs, and other educational activities to help children learn phonics and grammar. Parents and teachers can count on Reading Eggs to help their child or children improve their reading skills; for years, they have been a trusted source of reading education for many families. 

Learn to Read with Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs contains four different reading programs: Reading Eggs, Reading Eggs Junior, Fast Phonics, and Reading Eggspress. The age ranges for the programs are 2-13! If a child falls out of the age range but needs extra help with reading, there is a placement test. This platform offers more than just helping a child learn to read; it provides spelling, grammar, punctuation, and reading comprehension skills. In addition to the reading programs, there is a math program called Mathseeds for ages 3-9.

Here is a quick look at the programs from Reading Eggs designed to help children learn to read:

Learn to Read with Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs- Created to engage children ages 3-7 through structured one-on-one lessons to teach letters, phonics, and sight words. 

a screenshot of letter recognition

Reading Eggs Junior- This program is created to capture the interest of children ages 2-4. The lessons are filled with animation, games, and preschool activities to build and strengthen early reading skills.

Fast Phonics- An excellent reading resource for children ages 5–10 who are beginning to learn to read and older children who need extra practice. This program contains lessons that are fast-paced but fun! Activities include letter‑sound recognition, blending, and spelling. Great for emergent readers or readers that need some extra work. It is a terrific addition to the other Reading Eggs programs to boost skills they have been working on and give confidence through a fun interactive game! 

A screen shot of word blends

Reading Eggspress- This level is designed for children ages 7-13. A child that has learned basic phonics will begin to use this level. Using real reading books, improving spelling, and increasing reading comprehension through exciting and interactive content. 

Each program has a fun map board that shows the child their progress. As they make progress, they go around the map and collect tokens. They also earn eggs for completing lessons that can be “cashed” in for fun items in the store for their avatar or house they create. 

A screenshot of the virtual map

In addition to the reading programs, they offer Mathseeds. This program is created to strengthen math skills for children 3-9. It follows the same method with a map and interactive lessons. 

Learn to Read Interactive Program

The parent dashboard is easy to navigate; it can be used to check a child’s progress quickly. It will show the child’s estimated reading age and mastered reading skills. If a child needs extra practice on a skill, Reading Eggs offers printable worksheets that correspond to the lessons. Not only is this great in helping children continue the skills as they learn to read, but it also works on writing skills. It can also be used as documentation for a portfolio.

A child using Reading Eggs on a tablet

Reading Eggs is a fun and interactive reading program that offers phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency. In addition, it engages children with songs, colorful characters, and rewards. You can also see our reviews from last year when we reviewed Reading Eggs.

Special thanks to Yvonne B. from yvonne_thelifewebuild for writing this introductory article. 

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