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I have a very good friend who uses Tapesty of Grace and loves it, but I have to admit that just the thought of it has left me with my head spinning.  I know the Crew was thrilled to hear that Tapestry of Grace was on our line-up of review products for this year.  I, too, was anxious to see this curriculum and “put the puzzle pieces together” for myself.
Tapestry of Grace has generously given each Crew member the choice of unit that they wanted to receive for review.  Here are the choices that were available:

Year 1

  • Unit 1: The Books of Moses (Creation/Egypt/Exodus)
  • Unit 2: All Governments are Established by God (Bronze Age)
  • Unit 3: Preparing the World for Its Savior (Solomon to Alexander the Great)
  • Unit 4: In the Fullness of Time (the Roman World)

Year 2

  • Unit 1: The Middle Ages
  • Unit 2: Renaissance & Reformation
  • Unit 3: Colonial America
  • Unit 4: The Age of Revolutions

Year 3

  • Unit 1: Napoleon’s World (1800-1825)
  • Unit 2: The Birth of the Modern (1825-1850)
  • Unit 3: Nations Uniting and Dividing (1850-1875)
I admit, it was a hard decision to make.  I love history and wanted it all; but, eventually I decided to check out the Colonial America unit.  I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the whole process, but I’m impressed with this well put-together curriculum.  Rather than try to explain it, I’m going to share an excerpt from their informative flier:
“Tapestry of Grace is a homeschool curriculum: a plan of study that helps parents provide a Christian, classical education using a guided unit study approach, with the history of the world as the core organizational theme. From Grades K–12, all students cycle through world history every four years, with all ages studying the same slice of history each week, each at their own learning level. Detailed lesson plans and discussion outlines enable parents to be their children’s primary teachers and mentors and shape their students’ biblical worldviews.

Tapestry covers the humanities: history, church history, literature, geography, fine arts, government, philosophy, and writing & composition. Tapestry does not include a phonics program, science, math, grammar, spelling, or foreign language. Lampstand Press does, however, recommend and sell complementary logic, spelling, and grammar programs.

Week to week, Tapestry integrates all subjects: people, events, and movements are studied in the time period in which they were most influential. Lessons are presented from all modalities: visual, auditory, and tactile. For younger children, a variety of hands-on ideas are provided each week. A range of educational options are presented, from which students and parents choose the best content and quantity for their unique families. Although the teacher is in control of the students’ assignments, rich weekly studies are always provided for each individual family.”

To see what the Crew has to say, come back and check out their reviews here:
(Crew – please post your name, along with the Year and Unit you reviewed – thanks!)

6 thoughts on “Lampstand Press/Tapestry of Grace”

  1. I see alot of potential in this curriculum and know some of the Crew love it. I did not care for the DE version and would spend the extra for a printed copy to hold in my hands!

  2. A comprehensive, classical, unit study, history based curriculum for the whole family. Tapestry of Grace is worth looking into and down loading the sample on their website to see if it fits your homeschool.

  3. I have always intended to use tapestry with my family when we are old enough (eldest hits 9-10). I've read 30 of the TOS crew reviews so far. I've been picking up on a number of reasons why reviewers dislike tapestry:

    1. only having 1 kid . This makes the extensive prep and the substantially lower use you get in this case makes it less worthwhile.

    2. Not liking/preferring/familiar with classical education. It really is classical, as you said, and takes some adjustment to terms and philosophy to comprehend.

    3. Too many choices. If you have trouble reigning yourself in, or "don't want to miss" SOMETHING, tapestry will be FAR too overwhelming.

    4. Not liking the digital format. This is the reason for the TOS crew reviews, but it clearly showed that digital format is not good for almost any but the experienced Tapestry users.

    5. Insufficient library system making the cost prohibitive and/or making sparse resources available turn tapestry into a shoddy curriculum. Without the recommended books, and with too many supplements, Tapestry just doesn't work in the easy flow it ought. If it's a matter of needing to purchase those books…prices get prohibitive pretty fast!

    For myself, utilizing these reviews, I've decided that when I first get tapestry, I'm getting print, using our good library system, and waiting until I have 2-3 children of an age to use it with. I'm a classical homeschooler by nature, so that isn't a problem. I also LOVE having the options and am able to pick and choose. I'm very selective and having a number of good options means less research for me to find what I consider the ideal. I want to thank the TOS crew for all their reviews. You have refined my perspective.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with Tapestry of Grace. After using it for 4 or more years I LOVE the fun. I LOVE the learning. I LOVE the excitement when the kids begin to “get-it” due to the layered vigorous learning. I LOVE the hands-on activities…. especially when in a co-op so we work together to teach the kids.
    I LOVE the dress-up times when the kids get to “feel” their history. That is priceless.

    I do hate hunting the books down when im in a weak library system.Or, paying huge somes for the books for my kids in different levels at the same time.

    The library where we used to live gave many many frustrations but our new system allows interlibrary loans. THAT is wonderful.

    Tapestry is phenomenal. Alot of work for mom but well worth it.
    I order the DE version WITH the paper. I use the paper and my techy kids use their work electronically. No more photocopying every week for me. Amen


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