It’s Too Hot to Cook Recipes


LaRee @ Broad Horizons Don’t Heat Up the Kitchen

This summer I’ve been more intentional about finding meals that don’t heat the kitchen too much, since take-out all summer isn’t in the budget.

Meg @ Adventures with Jude — I’m Melting

When it’s the dog days of August, you do NOT want to be standing over a hot stove for long. Here’s a whole meal – salad, entrée, and dessert – that doesn’t need to involve the oven!

Lexi @ Lextin AcademyCinnamon No Bake Cookies

We’ve made some homemade popsicles to stay cool, but the kids really wanted some cookies. So, instead of turning on the oven we tried a twist on the No Bake Cookie recipe that they love. It is now a favorite dessert at our house!

Beth @ Ozark RamblingsYou Can’t Take the Heat and You Can’t Get Out of the Kitchen

Here are some of my strategies to put dinner on the table without heating up the kitchen.

Tess @ Circling Through This LifeNot Cooking in the Summer

Sometimes it’s just too hot to even use the crock pot!

Kayla @ The Arrowood ZooKeeping the Kitchen Cool on Hot Days

On those really hot days I’m just thankful for the a/c but I do still have to cook supper. Here are a few meals that we eat in the Summer months to stay cool inside.

Rebekah @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for WhiningBeke’s Lovely Overnight Oatmeal

Here it is! My “go-to” easy and (really, really) healthy Overnight Oatmeal. It’s almost too pretty to eat!

Renata @ Sunnyside Farm FunOur Favorite Muffin Recipes

Here at Sunnyside we love to have muffins, especially for breakfast. Here is a selection of some of our very favourite recipes!

Brandi @ Autumnfawn Lane — Berry Lemonade Smoothie

Three out of four seasons in the AZ desert, I make smoothies. While I don’t make them everyday, I guess I make them often enough for my kids to encourage me to open up a smoothie shop.

Cristi @ Through the Calm and Through the Storm5 Picnic Ideas (No Sandwiches Allowed)

If it’s too hot to cook, why not pack a picnic?

Cariann @ Unionvale HomeschoolSummer Chicken Salad Wraps

Looking for an easy summer recipe? Use up some left overs and don’t heat up the kitchen with this easy chicken salad wrap.

Nicole @ Mama of Many Blessings30 Healthy Lunch Ideas

A list of 30 different healthy lunch ideas for kids most of which involve no cooking. Perfect for those nights you don’t feel like heating up the house!

Join us next week when we’ll be sharing our favorite “Back to Homeschool Traditions!”


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