Bible Study Books for Boys and Girls Age 10 and up (Doorposts Review)

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Parents looking for Bible-based materials to help them teach their children good character, and to love, study, and memorize Scripture will find books that fit this purpose from Doorposts.

Some on the Crew reviewed Beauty in the Heart, A Study of Godly Beauty for Young Women by Pam Forster, and others used Because You Are Strong, A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men by Daniel Forster.

Geared to children ages 10-12 and up, each book begins with basic Bible study skills like using a concordance, doing a character or topical study, and learning about the original Greek and Hebrew words. Then each delves into the particular character issues that apply to girls and boys by studying principles and patterns in Scripture. Both books use verses from the King James Version as well as the English Standard Version of the Bible. Students will also learn about free Bible study tools available for computers and other digital devices.

In Because You Are Strong, A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men, you will find enough material for 74 days of study, plus suggestions for 40 more in depth studies. Examples of the kind of strength that can be used for God’s glory are explored through the lives of David, Samson, and other men described in the Bible as “men of valor”. Wisdom from the book of Proverbs and the example of the life of Jesus also provide the kind of guidance young men need.

Each of the 10 chapters uses a different study method, and is divided into daily assignments that require anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete. Because You Are Strong is available as a 104 page softcover for $14.00, or a downloadable ebook (.pdf) for $10.00.

Beauty in the Heart, A Study of Godly Beauty for Young Women uses the same methods and basic format in its 10 chapters, with enough material for 86 days of study, plus suggestions for 45 more. Beauty in the Heart examines virtues such as discretion, modesty, and the true nature of beauty through the lives of women like Sarah, Ruth, and Esther, and themes in 1 Peter, 1 Timothy 2, and 1 Samuel 25. This book is a great resource for any ladies’ or girls’ Bible study to help women inspect their attitudes and actions to see if they reflect Godly beauty. There are also alternate questions for young men in the back of the book.

Beauty in the Heart can be pre-ordered as a 128 page softcover for $14.00, for shipment by August 29, 2013.
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